first roll of film.

i've been wanting to shoot film for ages. i of course clearly remember life before digital photography. back then i shot hundreds of rolls of film with my point-and-shoot, immediately ran to target for hour processing, and then flipped through the doubles hoping for amazing shots where i looked super tan and the lighting was cool, and then i'd hang one set all over my room, and the second set would go right into my scrapbook. i have those scrapbooks. dozens of them. they're HUGE and heavy. i love those books. 

i miss the mystery of film. in the last couple years i've bought my fair share of disposable cameras for myself and the kids, but i didn't use them often because i felt like they warranted "an event" otherwise, single images just got lost. digital was always easier. as a lifestyle photographer, i get most of my favorite images when i rapid fire in certain situations- catching small people, glances at loved ones, the climax of laughter- whatever the emotion is- is so much easier to catch when photos are in succession. but i've been missing the raw. the singular. the intentional. i knew if i paid for film and processing, and relied upon that pathetically under-used trait of patience (which i emphatically lack), it would cause me to shoot differently. to pause more. to talk and focus more. i decided after megan shot some photos of our family that i wanted to shoot my family more with film. and i told myself i would be satisfied with whatever magic (or crap;) resulted.
well, clearly, they lacked focus. a lot of them. it was SO HARD for me to remember to manual focus! some were underexposed. others were over. some were totally crooked. but for the most part, i started to get used to the feel of my camera. the weight. the perspective. slowly & surely. figuring it out. like the rest of life;) 


miami 2018 video!

pictures to come, but for now- our miami trip in motion!


rooftop film from megan...

that top photo kills me EVERY TIME. i still pinch myself. it never gets old. 
hearing megan click that film camera shutter (that sound! that sound!) inspired me to jump in (cluelessly), and buy an old camera off ebay. well i bought 3 before i actually got a working one. but thankfully amazon & ebay have really good return policies;)


HBD to casey!

some photos from a rooftop celebration for my friend, casey, on liz's dreamy rooftop the night before she moved! megan & liz threw the party, i just showed up with my camera and had to document the magic that others can whip up with their marvelous brains & talent:)
this ricotta-peach upside down cake by sammi was incredible!
walking from the roof to the higher-up roof for more pictures (obviously;). 
it was precarious. 

balloon pass off (*note the girls' faces!! hahahaha*)...
rooftops will always remain my very favorite place in all of new york city.


the 4th of july (2018)!

 another 4th of july!! this was the first time i genuinely felt like we were in a tradition groove. it's our 3rd 4th living in nyc (ha!), and our 4th time celebrating here in the city (ha again!). 

(last year- 2017- w/ a baby harvey here, 2016 here, visiting in 2015 here & here, and while we're on the topic, jet skiing in 2016 for the holiday weekend here, because it was THEBEST.) 

for the second year we joined church friends in the park for a "small town" scooter parade & breakfast picnic. always a hit. we bought the kids scooter bells the night before (#parentalregret #dingding #DINGDINGDINGDING), and they made little decorations for their scooters which cracks me up time after time. also, elle's red & blue scooter finally came in super handy;)
 after the parade there was a squirt gun attack and water balloon launch.
plus some glitter tattoos.
 we grabbed hogies at the bodega for lunch on our way home, tried to cool off, then left the apartment again because we remembered our apartment is hot... so we went to get wet at the splash pad. (it's been well over 100 with the heat index. barf.)
it was harvey's first visit to this spot since last summer- he was a big fan.
we cooked up some hot dogs & sides at home, then headed back to central park for a dinner picnic. including corn. 
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