paris girls trip, part 1!

i've been dreaming of this trip since before elle was born.
and it lived up to the expectation. it was unbelievable.

i'm not sure where to begin with this post. or how to share all that i want to. but i do want to include as much as i can so i don't forget just how perfect everything was. and i can honestly say that because the week after was incredibly hard. and the trips prior were filled with exhaustion and toothaches... but this trip? it was pretty much as good as it gets. 

i'll never forget the fact that elle was an angel- ZERO meltdowns. not one. 
the weather was between 65-80 the entire time. 
the view from our room will live in my dreams for ages. 
she was my best friend, my walking buddy, and a perfectly agreeable travel companion. she rolled with everything. we have the same dietary needs (carbs). i'm almost crying just thinking about it!! 

there are so many photos i want to include- from my phone and my camera and lots of film (both my film and elle's!). for the sake of my sanity, i'm probably going to post about paris chronologically... but here goes the after this intense load of photos!
this trip originally started as a trip for mike & myself to get away for a weekend, but after looking at a dozen options for childcare, we realized it just didn't make sense right now- particularly since harvey is such a bad sleeper and is still nursing. mike offered to stay back with the boys, and suggested i take elle. elle has taken on a lot. she's literally my right hand. she helps with harvey constantly. she's patient. she seems to get the short end of the stick often. she absolutely deserved some alone time, and since i feel like the two of us butt heads a lot, he was totally right. flights to paris were a great price, and she had 2 days off school in september so the dates lined up. it was close to her birthday, and i felt like it was time for the two of us. plus, we live way too close to europe to not take advantage- this was a perfect time/place/way to test a number of things;)

we waited a month or so before telling elle. 
then we waited another month before telling jude. we warmed him up to the idea of a girls trip & a simultaneous boys trip. elle is like me- she's happy to gogogogogogo constantly. jude? jude & mike would choose to stay home all day everyday in their underwear if given the option. we asked jude if he chose a buddy trip anywhere in the world, where would he go? "to cvs! and sit on the couch!" 
naturally, he took the news REALLY well:) basically, everyone lucked out. except mike. mostly mike. 

we left friday night after school (9/7) on a redeye, and landed in paris around noon on saturday. 

we flew norwegian, and since i bought the cheapest tickets, we got NOTHING- no food, drinks, luggage... not even a seat assignment:) (we stocked up on baked goods at starbucks before boarding the planet to cover our food needs.) our flight was rather bare bones, but totally worked. we took the train to jfk in plenty of time to get seats together, did a scavenger hunt to look for the initials of a good friend who designed the terminal, then made our way slowly to our gate. our flight was an hour late taking off, and we pretty much didn't sleep longer than 20 minutes at a time, but elle is the master at rolling with things, and i'm used to never really sleeping, so it wasn't bad! minor meltdown when we arrived and my credit cards wouldn't work. and i forgot that the language barrier can be intense. we took the bus and metro to our hotel, and were thrilled they had our room all ready for us (more on the hotel later- it needs attention)! we immediately changed & left to meet up with good friends- jenn and zoey- who now live in london, but came to paris for the day to meet us!

we got lost and then walked our way (UP UP UP) to montmartre & the sacre coeur. we ate soft serve ice cream & crepes. the girls played with the metro doors- they open before the train stops (when you push the exit button), which was likely unsafe, but totally entertaining.

after saying goodbye to our friends, elle and i sat on the grass below the eiffel tower & just took in that beautiful parisian masterpiece. then we walked back to our hotel via rue cler- a recommendation from a friend. it was so close to our hotel, and it was stunning!!! so many markets. and the fresh squeezed juice!!!!!!!! (all the exclamation points for that one!) we snagged some fruit & pastries, and ended up at our hotel, on the balcony, for a picnic before calling it an early night... but not before scrolling through all 50 channels on the tv and finding 1 in english- filled with bizarre and hilarious (questionable) british game shows. we passed out around 8:30, and i slept like a log. minus elle screaming at me a few times in her sleep. and me waking up at 4am to boobs who were NOT used to that many hours of sleep (there was so much pumping & dumping)!! dreamy. see. i've said it too many times and i'll say it many more: a dream.


film from the yankees game!

ever since my 3-blank-rolls-of-film situation this summer i'm slightly paranoid when i bring only my film camera... so although i already wrote about our annual trip to the yankees game, here's the film from our day in queens...
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