the statue of liberty & ellis island!

the kids had yesterday off school for eid al-fitr, and since jude has been studying the statue of liberty & ellis island, i decided it was time to stop waiting for crown tickets to open back up, and to just GO! i've lost some of my "just go" mojo, so i'm trying to bring it back. plus, jude is the homebody, and when the homebody wants to exit the home, we do it. we did it. me and them. no stroller. 7 hours. we ended with no tears, and no lacerations!

the morning ferry was the way to go- it was 65 beautiful degrees, and got busier as the day went on. i remember coming once when i was elle's age (?? maybe? mom- fact check, please), and i think it was hot? i do remember it being really busy as well... either way: morning, spring weather, and pre-tourists-returning-to-nyc was a solid win. 

we ate snacks and the kids ran around while harvey tried to avoid all the ants. elle has become my photo sidekick, so thanks to her, we have even-more-than-normal awesome little videos and snapshots from our morning...
visiting ellis island was emotional-- wondering which of the rooms my little 8-year-old grandma sat in. which halls she walked with her 2 young siblings. the fear she must've felt when she was almost sent back to italy in steerage when no one came to retrieve her, her sister, and her brother. we tried to find the area where she was detained, but after about 8 minutes here (and hours after we'd left home), the kids only wanted the gift shop and chick-fil-a, so we headed back to manhattan before i could really explore.


rowboats in central park!

my heart aches for those tiny little humans. i sometimes get confused when i realize they don't look exactly like my tiny, toothless elle, and tiny, silly jude. also, we have another kid, who is the same age as jude was... and naturally, i made harvey wear the same shirt and pants as jude. because, duh.

elle's friends met up for a rowboat & pizza night, and fortuitously, since only 4 people fit into a rowboat, we decided it was the perfect time to do a boat with the boys! all of us get to be on the lake, without the hassle of me having to split/row all alone! (in this case/the best case: mike is 99% responsible for rowing our boat). 

*note: this was 24-hours post-vaccine 2, so we did share the rowing responsibly a little more evenly- say 80/20- because our left arms were feeling mostly dead. and i'm a team-ish player.

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