elle's baptism!

my parents, and mike's dad, his wife, and her youngest daughter flew in for the week around elle's baptism- it was a really exciting little weekend for our family. mike gave harvey a special blessing in church the following day... but more on that later. 

this day- the saturday of elle's baptism- was one that had been in the works for so long. in our church, you can get baptized when you turn 8. at that time, we believe you're accountable, and are mature enough to make such an important decision. i distinctly remember my baptism day: december 6, 1992 (i feel old). i was baptized in the same service as my very best friend, amanda, since our birthdays were a week apart. i remember the service, the little party at amanda's grandma's after, and a whole lot in between. (amanda and her parents were killed in a car crash when we were 11, so it's one of my most cherished memories from childhood.) it is crazy to realize it's highly likely elle will remember this day. 

we told elle this was also going to be her little birthday party, so she picked the theme and treats for after the baptismal service- the theme was rainbows, and she wanted a cake, pumpkin cookies (??), and rice crispy treats to share with her family & friends (there was going to be more, but let's be honest, i slowly started pitching things off the to-do list;) the goal for the day was to be simple (i swear it's the theme of my life)- somehow these things can tend to get so stressful! but all that aside, i think it turned out lovely. sweet. not flashy or elaborate. it was short and fun and special. elle said her baptism day was her "favorite memory from her childhood." ;) 
 it was really important to elle that we included some of her school friends, and my goodness, those girls and their moms were so kind and supportive in joining us for elle's special day!
 instead of a guestbook, elle picked out this darling book for everyone to write a note as they came in.

the actual service was really short and sweet- we asked the missionaries to share a few words, sang some songs, and tried to focus on the baptism and confirmation ordinances.
 instead of party favors, elle made each water bottle a little thank you note;) it was such fun  & easy project. jude ripped off labels, elle made the labels with construction paper, and i attached them to the bottles. go, team;)
it was a perfect morning to celebrate our girl, and my heart was bursting at the seams just thinking of how loved and special she is to us, and to so many others. aside from jude's frequent meltdowns and substantial early departure from the party, it was totally perfect;)


the most magical brunch!!!

long lost post! back in august my friend naomi hosted a brunch with oui at maman! the venue was literally breathtaking, and the food at maman (and yogurt) was amazing! the flowers were like nothing i've ever seen in-person- they rivaled any wedding i've ever attended! we even made our own flower bouquets on our way out the door- which i'll leave to the professionals for the future, but it was fun to pretend i knew what i was doing;) it was so fun to gather as girlfriends- old and new, chit-chat, and eat yummy food! 

some pictures from our afternoon...


elle's 8th birthday!

elle's birthday fell on the sunday of general conference this year- sunday birthdays are always slightly tricky, but for some reason this year, there weren't any complaints. saturday we went to chipotle for dinner, per her request. we got dunkin donuts in preparation for breakfast sunday, and i made at least a handful of homemade treats none of us needed, which we all consumed until we were sick.

the kids fought like crazy people all weekend, but the weather was perfect and (FINALLY) cool- 68 and sunny. we walked around a lot. the kids ran a 1/2 mile race with friends in central park saturday between sessions, and sunday we had a picnic with a couple friends to celebrate her big day.

elle woke up feeling like a million bucks because, well, her dad always saves the day with decor.
(her dad & moi were like corpses, however, because 4 month sleep regression is NO JOKE, and harvey has been up every 2 hours every night for weeks now. and we're dying slow deaths...)
mid-afternoon we headed to turtle pond- this is where we had her party last year (when it fell on conference saturday;) - more from that fun day here, including family pics in the same spot!
now, a whole lot of really similar pictures because, well, #harveysface!!!!!!
wait for it- THIS ONE!!!!!
sorry, redundant, but too good.

ok, more, including elle with an olive:
...and elle looking like a witch? kid clothes. i don't know.
cream puffs and more family pictures, aka, wraaaaangling...
about a week after elle's party last year, we found out we were pregnant. now we have a harvey.

elle taught her little bud, scout, all she knew about disposable cameras. it was a really, really great time together. 

now, someone pinch me, cause my baby is EIGHT!
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