deal! DEAL! the disney deal is back!

update: the deal is back again for 2015! an updated travel post can be found here.


are you sitting down?! guess what i just found!? disney is once again offering their "free dining plan" special! this is how we scored a killer deal to disney in february 2012,  september 2013 (see the post here, and see my other travel post here), *update* as well as november 2014, and soon-to-be in 2015! i'm seriously shocked this one came back. it is a steal! i'd highly, highly, highly recommend avoiding disney prior to the beginning of september, and even then, it's generally scorchin' hot! 

when you book, you can get even lower rates by selecting a "standard room" instead of a "preferred room" (the standard rooms are a longer walk from the main building). instant $101 savings. you can also lower the number of park passes (i.e., you don't need one on the first and/or last day depending on your flight times. this will save another $35.)

again? the value resorts are awesome, especially with kiddos. 

i plugged in our situation- 2 adults, 1 child (free still since she hasn't turned 3)- we can get a hotel, park passes, and all food for 6 days: $1035! HELLO!? pure awesomeness. in addition, disney's new resort- the art of animation- is opening very soon, and looks very cool! it seems to be all nemo, cars, and little mermaid themed. rates for this new resort are about $10 extra/night! i'm trying to convince mike that this is the perfect way to ring in elle's 3rd...

lastly, i have referral vouchers for southwest to share. this makes travel free thanks to southwest cc's (my favorite cc, and the easiest of all to redeem rewards). again, we flew free to hawaii, florida, and ohio all in the past year. if you want details about said vouchers for the cc's, email me at amanda.petersen[at]yahoo[dot]com!

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  1. I want a referral for that Southwest card! Also, is this good for Disneyland too or just Disney World? Where do we sign up? I think I may be able to convince my husband that this is worth it...

  2. How awesome! I wish we weren't saving for something else and I'd jump on this idea!!!


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