36 weeks.

i'm officially killing time. friday i decided to be more productive than i've been in weeks (months?), and spent the day getting an oil change, vacuuming out the car, grocery shopping, vacuuming the house, doing laundry, organizing the closet for the umpteenth time, sitting on the floor and making valentines w/ elle, and... what was the last thing? oh yah, almost dying for the remainder of the night. no seriously, what was i thinking? i spent the night crying (which, now that i think of it, happens anyway everyday for some reason or another). and writhing in pain. pah! that was too much. too much! 
i'm no spring chicken. 
today i put on shoes 5 separate times ("I CAN DO IT MYSELF!"), and consequently spent 5 hours having contractions. apparently it's time to, like, cool it. 
"cooling it" means spending the day doing basic functions (eating, breathing, turning on cartoons for small child), and hanging on for just a few more weeks. THIS BODY IS TIRED! and stuffed. oh, stuffed stuffed stuffed
soon? posts about a new baby and post-pardom goodness, rather than moans of a super-swollen pregnant lady:) 
our baby boy is coming! eek! boy... boy!


  1. I am SOO jealous you're 36 weeks!

  2. you are so there..
    my little guy came two weeks early..


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