halloween post, petersen style: 3 events, 1 holiday.

goodness me, there are a lot of halloween posts out there! 
...here is ours:)
this is elle just before we left the house to trick-or-treat.. um, hello, excited!
this was our first year actually celebrating halloween- & this great night rounded out the whole october season!

 we went around w/ cort (nacho libre), kristen, & boedi (buzz lightyear). this was the first time "i've" been trick-or-treating in at least 15 years... it was so much fun! i loved seeing more & more kids appear & run the streets as the sun went down...
 sunday night we had my parents over for a pre-halloween feast- mr. skeleton, plus apple bites, cheese fingers, mummy dogs, mummy pizzas, monster toes, & my parent's presentation drink complete w/ eyeballs. the eyes won the "nasty" award thanks to raw-chicken texture. eeeewie!
(i'm going backwards...)
friday night was our neighborhood trunk-or-treat. 
i love mike restraining elle by her hood below.
i wonder how we'll break the news that we can't continue this trick-or-treating every weekend? she's mastered holding up that bucket, "treat?? tanks!"
two weeks ago was my parents' trunk-or-treat. it was a lot of fun! they run with a VERY proper crowd. i was so impressed. this was the first time elle was "decked out" as belle. by decked out, i mean... she wore the dress that was already dirty & well worn. it's huge on her- wrapped & pinned in the back. boots on. straggly ponytail. wrong princess crown on backwards (if on at all). i'm a super duper mom, huh? i laughed my little head off when we arrived & this other belle came up to elle with all the class & poise of the real beauty! light-up shoes, hair perfect, and pretty little gloves (not shown). oh, i laughed! i'm so glad my girly is too young to realize how lame i was. once again, i'm committed to being a little more festive next year.

i started off this morning (november 1st), raiding target clearance w/ the other crazy moms at 8am. we officially own 2 more halloween items. and a lot more candy (it's so cheap!! i get so distracted.) 
baby steps.


  1. I love Mr. Skeleton and the treats. It's soooo cute!

  2. Awesome food and I think Elle looks adorable!


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