sharing a crib, & kid talk...

since family has been staying with us this past month, elle & jude have been sharing our room. i've been a "SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED!" mom since my kids' birth, so sharing for weeks on end has been interesting;) the kids babble in their sleep ALL the time, and since these two nut jobs decided to SHARE jude's crib, all night long i hear, "JUUUUUUUUDE! STOP KICKING MY FAAAAAACE!" 
last night i woke up to elle crying in the middle of the night- jude got mad at her for hogging the crib so he went and sat on her, bouncing up and down on her face!

ANYWAY. i figured it was a good time to share some of my favorite things out off their mouths lately, along with some great post-nap hair and faces, brought to you by jude.
driving home from school (elle is in a chinese immersion program; she calls her teacher "fa laoshi"): 

jude: "does misses-es fa laoshi speak spanish?"
elle: "no, she speaks chinese."
jude: "ooooohhhhhhhh! like ni how!"


laying in bed we heard them talking from outside the bedroom door:

elle: "heavenly father loves everyone so we love everyone. jude! that's why i hold your hand! because i love you!"


context: jude has been SUPER sensitive lately when it comes to others in pain- he can't stand seeing or hearing anyone upset or crying, and if he senses something wrong he absolutely panics. it doesn't matter if it's real, fake, in-person, in a song, on tv, he still freaks.

elle: "i'll be a police lady and i'll protect you from all the bad guys, and you can be a policeman!"
jude: "i don't want to be a policeman!"
elle: "well, you can be anything you want- a fireman, or a teacher..."
jude: "YAH! i want to be a fireman!"
elle: "but jude you have to put out fires- you might get hurt."
jude *in an overwhelmingly deflated tone*: "oh.......... i don't want to be a firefighter."


speaking of fires, jude came running out of the bathroom the other day beaming with pride: "mommy! my weiner is a fire hose! i can put out all the fires!"


the other day my mom & i took the kids to ikea. i bribed them with their own cone if they were good, but the minute we got outside the ice cream started melting FAST. in the car i grabbed what was left of jude's and shoved it in my mouth, not thinking much about it. 5 minutes later jude asked kindly, "ok mommy! can i have my ice cream back?" i replied, "oh, jude! i'm so sorry!!! i ate it..." and before i could explain, he had a level 10, red-alarm, epic catastrophe of a meltdown for the next hour. the next morning when he woke up i asked, "juju, how did you sleep!? did you have good dreams??" his reply: "i had a bad dream! you eat all my ice cream!! ... but then i remember IT HAPPEN! YOU SO MEAN MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!"
jude talks with his hands ;)  ^^
i've said it before, but this kid is SO EXPRESSIVE. he's 100% in whatever he's doing or feeling. he walks loud. he talks loud. his laugh is a DEEP chuckle. it's incredible. he's such a stud;)
also, enjoying the last days of jude (and elle) in a crib. this crib has been with us for so long! 
next up: bunk beds! 
also- could he sleep with any more blankets?


weekend date in nyc...

my kind and generous parents temporarily moved in with me and the kids while mike is living in nyc. last weekend i planned on taking the kids to nyc for a visit since we'd been away from mike for almost 2 weeks, but at the last minute, my parents willingly took elle & jude to ohio with them, and i drove up to the city alone to spend a couple days with just mike!

(also, not my booze. ^^;) 
friday night traffic was of course a beast, so i entertained myself by driving with all the windows down (my favorite), and going through my cd's from high school and college (mike hates them all). that was an experience, let me tell you!! we don't have disk drives on our macs, so i never actually listen to those sweet jams anymore:) alone time, fresh air, and a concoction of avril lavigne, blink 182, and o-town made for a stellar drive.

once in the city, the weather was warm and muggy, and the streets were literally alive. 
we walked and admired the church that had some sort of marital yoga, the drunken gossip about boys and heartbreak as we passed the packed restaurants, and the music from open mic night at the retirement home, all while some senior citizens gardened on these pretty babies...
we slept on a twin mattress and when we woke up, we went on a run in the rain through central park...
after? bagels. we love bagel talk. also, if you like tuna salad (which i don't), they have at least 10 varieties: spicy, italian, regular, low fat, scallion, white fish, pickled... it's fascinating. i had no idea that many options were even possible?
we walked to the container store, west elm, CB2, lowe's, and about a dozen other places hunting for the right things to organize our little space. then we got super hungry so we pit-stopped at serendipity;) 
the frrrrozen hot chocolate is of course as good as in vegas, but the food gets a solid 2 thumbs down. 
also, i pity the soul who has to dust that place.

then, home through central park! and the sun came out!
legit sign in stone (it looks like paper- it's not):
great news!!!!!! i found something cheaper in nyc than anywhere else: mani/pedi's! 
grumpy amanda was shoved into a nail salon by kind mike, where a mani/pedi/10-minute massage cost a mere $42 including a tip! 
it was the best $42 i've ever spent. and that was cheaper than the movie we were going to see. win for me!!! 
then we ate dinner al fresco at polpette before our feet told us to retire. 
by sunday morning i was SO READY for a couch. how has mike done this? nowhere to sit!? i'm too old for this. we swung on the hammock in the living room (it's supposed to be on the roof), and ate our mini wheats. i tried not to barf- motion and eating have never been a good combo for me.
another walk through the park where we spent most of our time dog-watching. dogs in the city are FASCINATING. they never bark, and they often run free without leashes- they come from a million yards away when their owner calls their name. 

we watched a marathon, a little league game, and admired all the trees and flowers in their pretty april glory. we've played in that park dozens of times, and we still find massive lawns and playgrounds that we've never seen before!
church parking = stroller parking lining the halls. also, there are more visitors at this church building than can even fit, and the organist is the greatest musician i've ever heard, making for the most insanely unique sunday church meeting i've attended in a while;)

i kidnapped mike after church, and he came with me back to dc to help sell our car (monday's project), which was great because the traffic in delaware was the pitts and i would have cried the whole way if i would have done that alone.
 the kids reactions when mike walked in the door were hilarious- jude cried, "where's my surprise!? nooooooo!!! i wanted a toy!!!" then he hit mike, followed by a huge hug, mid-sob, as he cried: "i miss you!!" 

we cleaned and showed the car, in particular, to 1 girl from china who actually asked me how to make the car go backwards.....
yah, it was an interesting day. 
i ended up catching a cold, so i'm uber grateful mike was my wingman. i took the rest of the day off work, and we hobbled around trying to get things done before we ran out of time.

mike headed back to nyc via bus late monday night...


family in town!

mike's sister, mel, and brother-in-law, nate, came for visit- first to nyc, then here to dc. they had stellar timing in the sense that they caught us in between both apartments!! the downside is that the weather was terrible. it's 80 now- last week it was, like, 30 and raining ("sky water" as my coworker calls it. it's hilarious when you consider people have panic attacks when they drive in "sky water." HA! hilarious!). oh! mel's luggage got lost when they landed in nyc, AND they had their kids-free trip spoiled by our kids who clung to them like glue while here in dc so i'm fairly certain something tropical would have been more relaxing? hopefully they still had fun though. they were the easiest houseguests ever so they can come anytime they please.

mike tried to kill them with walking their first day here (although not as bad as when his dad, other sister, and niece came to town); 
over the weekend, elle & i joined in the fun:
we saw the changing of the guards at arlington. jude slept, which was awesome and helped maintain the reverence:)
we went to the 9/11 memorial at the pentagon. 

jude made rock angels (he actually laid down and said, "i make snow angels with this little girl!"). 
we got soaking wet as we waited in line at the national archives (no pictures inside was strictly enforced:)
we also stopped by the national gallery of art, which is one of my very favorites...
we walked around some of our favorite spots around chinatown.

also, what...????...
knife??? gun???


and there was a lady buying dried bugs in large quantities. elle tried to speak to her in chinese.
it also wouldn't be dc without a visit to &pizza. the best in all the land! i'm seriously going to miss that place.

they also provide sufficient napkins, as is apparent in the photo above.
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