miami 2018: the rest of the trip.

story! our anniversary (#13!) fell on the saturday of our trip. friday i wasn't feeling so hot, so mike suggested i get a massage. i emphatically said no (he's usually a bigger massage fan than me); we had a resort credit included in part of our package, so long story short, he convinced me to go.
30 seconds in, my head was tipped backwards and the masseuse was massaging my neck upward, and all of the sudden that tooth pain went from a 5 to a 10+++. i walked out of the spa biting my tongue and immediately burst into tears; i tried not to cry as i walked in the room and told mike about my unfortunate massage backfire.

the pain was downhill from there.

thankfully, mike was quite empathetic, and the kids were happy as clams.
elle & i went on a couple morning walks for donuts at 7-11, starbucks runs, you know, the necessities.
mike & i walked around the neighborhood around the hotel one day while i tried to ignore my head throbbing. 
we found some lovely homes, including this one with a heart mowed into the lawn, and an abundance of marble and satellite dishes!
room service for lunch on our anniversary. our first time EVER! we shared a sandwich. super classy.
since i felt awful we did dinner poolside, but added dessert. win!
final day at the kids club, then final bracelets, breakfast, & hotel walks before we headed home!
we took a cab from the airport, straight to the endodontist office where i jumped out, started part 1/3 of a root canal, & mike + the kids headed home.

the end.


domino park in williamsburg!!

domino park has been at the top of my 2018 summer must-do list since it opened this year. it’s right on the water in williamsburg, which, mile-wise isn’t far, but since the east river seems to be in between us and it, and i am still working on my walking-on-water-skills, the trip there is a multi-subway-stop, stair-requiring ordeal. longing for a summer day- a REAL, long, summer day- friends and i finally got our act together and planned on an early morning (read: mid-rush-hour) trip last week. these trips are doable if 1) you plan on meltdowns, 2) plan on everything else, 3) insert food destinations as often as possible.

i should add, the park is on the grounds of the old domino sugar refinery- the building behind the splash pad and playground is INCREDIBLE. i mostly snapped pictures while harvey was napping (small window), so i don't have many of him, the building, or the playground... but a lot of the water shenanigans after we arrived (2 hours after we left our apartment;)

*friends: marlenenaomi, becca, whitney, deb, & annie + accompanying small people.

i want to add that these all-day events are some of the highlights of our time in nyc thus-far. they're A LOT. packing starts the night before, and involves tons and TONS of snacks, clothes, toys, and overall mental stamina. you have to buffer in rude people, meltdowns, delays, and a slower-than-desired-pace. i.e., we took the "long" way which meant elevators (there were 7 adults & 18 kids... i think)- we need them when possible, otherwise, we have to bump strollers and take turns and it's a lot. but it happens. ANYWAY, we took the long way. still got stuck. and ended 3 transfers and a 2-hour commute with a broken elevator at the end anyway, so really.

public psa which is rising to the top of my pet peeve list: ABLE-BODIED PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO TAKE AN ELEVATOR ONE FLOOR. it blows my mind that 25-year-old men wait for a slow, hot, pee-filled elevator for no reason. there are literally 25 staircases to 1 elevator (and FEW stations even have elevators). also, people here have no issues cutting us in line for the elevator even though we've been waiting in humidity for 5 straight minutes, because they think there's some "we're old" title that allows that. it drives me INSANE. there will be a dozen of us waiting with our pleathora of kids and some crazy person will fly off the handle and shove us out of the way screaming, "IT'S MY RIGHT!" true story. it's happened many times. i've almost been in a number of physical altercations as a result:)

back to the most pleasant splash pad ever (the water felt AMAZING)...
we stopped mid-way through the day for tacos & guac (strategic placement between the splash pad & park). they completely LOST mine & a friend's order and didn't seem to care in any way when we asked them to kindly make the food we PAID FOR. anyway, if i had more energy i'd write a scathing yelp review. but, meh.
so then we walked a mile back to the train, and headed to dez! i've followed eden for a while via instagram because she was pregnant when i was, and she's hilarious. well, she opened this restaurant and i've never had middle eastern food, and let's be honest, the color palate was incredible, so we went! also, naomi knows her, and she was SO kind and not only brought us extra food (THE BEET HUMMUS!!!!), she also played with the kids and showed them the magic of their frozen yogurt- this month was strawberry & peanut butter bamba! the kids LOVED IT. and her. it was so fun. such a treat.
after dez we made ONE MORE stop at rice to riches before hobbling onto the subway at rush hour (again). harvey & jude lost it, otherwise, most kids & adults made it through DRENCHED IN SWEAT (i didn't mention it was like 100 with the heat index), but otherwise unscathed! after 9 straight hours outside i grabbed a new camera battery and headed out for a photoshoot to wrap up the day.

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