greenwich island, 2017!

greenwich island is one of the most magical places i've ever visited- and that's not an exaggeration in the least. we went twice last summer with girlfriends & their kiddos- a sweet friend of ours, lizzie, is kind enough to let us go with her (you have to be a resident to get passes to the island). it's a little bit of a trek to get to (subway to shuttle to train to ferry), but it's 100% worth the commute the moment you set sail toward the island. i feel like this summer wouldn't have been complete without a visit to the island, and thank our lucky stars, lizzie invited us on mike's last day of work before his break, and just before we left town! also, rain was in the forecast all week... but the weather cleared, and it turned out to be 78 stunning, sunny degrees.

 (last years visits here & here. i CANNOT believe how much our kids have grown!!!)
also, becca saved our butts with these books on the train to greenwich. that many kids and it gets a liiiiiiittle crazy pretty quickly (holy energy, batman). becca had to leave early, and on our ride home we accidentally got in the quiet car (as in NO noise of any kind...........). 
we needed those books.
then again, i doubt those books could save us. so sorry, commuters. 
 this year i multitasked more than last year. note: third child.

also, thanks to naomi & mari for some of these photos! it was a joint effort;) 
the whole gang!!
 ^^ manhattan in the distance! can you see it!?
a little ice cream treat before we headed back to the city. 

until next year, beautiful island!!


splash pad in prospect park!

 a bunch of the kids & moms from church meet up every week to hit a new splash pad in the city- this week we headed to prospect park in brooklyn for what turned out to be, one of the very best in the city; it wasn't fancy, but it was BIG. and SHOCKINGLY entertaining. our kids lasted almost 4 hours before they started getting antsy & asking when it was time to go home. the best part is the adults were fans as well (i mean, i was in heaven)- there was 3" or so of standing water that was lukewarm (not pee-warm, but warm enough;) and it kept us all cool in the blazing sunshine. harvey was a trooper as always, and spent most of the time snoozing in his stroller or walking around in the water with me. 

now, so many pictures...
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