car washing & saturday afternoon-ing.

 i swear the high on saturday was somewhere in the 80's. it was hot enough we were sweating in swimsuits out on the driveway while we washed the car. both babes started to burn, so we were sticky from sunscreen. flushed cheeks and sunglasses strewn about made me excited and nervous all at the same time! 
jude will play at the water table for ages, and elle can dig in our dirt-y yard for at least that long. so that's what we did.   nothing, really.   which is pretty rare for us.
 ^^ i don't trust that face in the back:)
i don't even want to know what jude consumed that afternoon. i was pulling debris out of his mouth constantly. i'm sure at least a sponge-full of dirty bubbles and 1/4 cup of baking soda went down, in addition to a few small rocks.     this kid.
 bubbles were busted out.    bubbles are any kid's idea of a good time, methinks.
 ^^ outside, jude prefers this method of mobility. less painful than crawling, and less intimidating than walking.
^^ elle surfed. 
 see, there are those bubbles i talked about.   filled with dirt.   BLEGH!
 i quickly offered him a(nother) banana. 
i'm sure if there was an award for banana eating, he would win. even if it was him vs. monkeys. he downs bananas in 3-4 bites. max.
i'm telling you- the banana eating plus that strange crawl? maybe he was meant to be some sort of gorilla?

 afterwards, we picnic'd on the back porch and watched the "sketchy guys" install more concrete and "landscaping" for us and our neighbors. we ate plate-fulls of produce, and some fritos, because, well, fritos are amazing. and what's a picnic without fritos? we learned jude can eat an entire lemon without flenching, but he hates watermelon. WATERMELON?! the first food he's ever actually hated consistently! go figure.
 i can't believe she's grown so much since she wandered around here last year. 
and jude!? they're like different people!


first steps.

i feel like i'm in no hurry to get this guy walking. that being said, he's really heavy... sooo... i may be slightly excited that he's been taking steps lately. while we sat in the office he took his first "set" of steps- you know 4 or 5 on his own, before he squatted back down and laughed & laughed...
(and yes, he's in pj's pretty much everyday.)


digging in the dirt & general conference weekend.

moments like this ^^ (and this & this) are purely elle. she is on all the time. straight-up energy and drama and enthusiasm from sunrise (pre-sunrise, let's be honest), to sunset.
 wait for it...
...bam! frozen.
long live the days of being elsa.
the next best thing for elle after being elsa, is to dig in the dirt we still call a yard...
...followed closely by being attacked by her dad. 
who makes her laugh until she pees her pants. 
what a great general conference weekend! mike & i went to the conference center on saturday morning, and "watched" the rest of the sessions from home (watching is a relative term with kids around). we baked lots and went on a few walks in between. 
oh, and of course, did more digging in the dirt. 

*styling of elle done by elle herself. as always. there's nothing like it! :)


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