paris video!!

*take me baaaack!!!*


the last few photos from paris (#film in black & white)...

learning to shoot film has been such a lovely learning process. i definitely have moments of frustration, like, why is focusing manually so challenging!? loading certain film into my camera is harder than others- for some reason certain films won't catch, and in cases like this one, this particular roll just wouldn't catch either. i found myself sitting under the pont d'lena feeling annoyed and hot and frustrated... then i looked over and watched elle. she was skipping along the bank of the seine. up and down the stairs to the water. there was trash and heaps of poop and cigarette butts. but it was so beautiful. and i wondered (again) why i struggle


paris according to my phone...

i have so much i want to remember from this trip, but so much i've already forgotten in the weeks since we got home. i hope i don't ever forget the walking. the walking and talking time with my girl. the endless streets of beauty around every corner. how terrible elle & i were at remembering anything in french. the dozens of crepes and baguettes and new pastries. the fresh squeezed juice. the big doors. the parisians & their style. window shopping at le bon marche! the perfect sunsets on the perfect weather days and that perfect balcony at the best hotel. also, there were the bees. oh, so many bees.

paris, you. you. were. a. dream. (minus the bees.)

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