merry christmas from the petersens! (2017)

 it's the most wonderful time of the year!!! 

christmas card season!

mike can tell you (eye rolls included) that i live for christmas cards. i adore getting them. hanging them. i love sending them. there's something so traditional and special about the finished product- notice i said finished product, because i feel like the process can be arduous at best. getting the photos (either taken or organized), then the addressing, stuffing, and mailing of cards can be trickier some years than others. this year i wanted to continue the concept of do it simply. last year, our christmas was simple. plain. it was calm. it was focused. it was perfect! this year, i feel like most everything is bouncing off me as i try and get done everything i need to do. i've been working full-time in addition to dealing with a sweet angel baby who has had constant colds, and hasn't slept more than a single straight hour in months. it's been a lot. hallelujah, our cards came together in less than 5 minutes thanks to shutterfly. it's our 3rd christmas working with the shutterfly/tiny prints team, and it's always such an easy one! 
 jude played on the floor next to me as i stamped and stuffed and licked and addressed...
 harvey joined in on the fun for a bit because eating paper is quickly becoming a highlight of his days.

if you're on the fence about sending cards, just do it. it's always worth it i swear! it's also such a treat to me to get cards from families i love with the photos i took of them throughout this season of family. that being said send cards even if you don't have family photos! the focus is on the process and story more than the picture. at least that's my theory;)

sending the happiest christmas wishes to those we love this holiday season. 
and thanks to shutterfly for helping to make my life simpler, and our holidays merrier!


the 2017 macy's thanksgiving day parade!

just before 5am when harvey was on his 19th feed of the night (at least that's what it felt like- in reality it was, like, #7), i was doing my IG scroll and saw that my friend naomi & a few other girlfriends were already stationed along the parade route! we had NO intentions of going- last year we had success just walking over to the park and watching from above, but when i commented that her seats looked amazing (they should- poor girl! it was 4am!), she didn't have to prod too much in our little conversation before i decided to poke my kids and ask them if they wanted to experience the real-deal parade. jude was already awake, and elle was halfway awake. mike... well, mike's NOT a morning person, and he's definitely NOT a parade or a cold OR a holidays person, so he snapped, "NOT GOING. you're ruining my dance party with kelly clarkson." (that man has killer dreams.) well... long story short, i ran out the door 20 minutes later, and found myself in the 32 degree darkness with friends and a whooooole lot of strangers, waiting for the fun to begin! 

mike & the kids joined around 7:45.

i also managed to get ONE (forced) smile from mike:
i need to get one of those views along central park west. apparently the celebs were viewing above our heads, hanging out the windows. drinking warm drinks in their pj's. #thelife
elle & the davis kids partied it up as the parade got underway (thanks to naomi for this picture). they handled the cold and waiting SO much better than i thought they would!
ugh, the worst part- i know i'm a total jerk for saying this- but i CANNOT STAND when people are all, 'hey, i know you've been here for, like, hours, but my kid is cold and can't see, so we're going to just shove on in front of you!' it made me so mad! kids who just barged in at the start of the parade smushed my kids out of the way and got their dirty feet and food and crap all over our stuff!! back off, batman!!!! this is my nook!

harvey just slept and watched and ate.
the day before thanksgiving i had FIVE photo shoots (mental note: way too much for one day), so i spent every second i wasn't cooking/baking editing photos. madness. thankfully, we have the sweetest friends who hosted thanksgiving (AND we ordered in for the main dishes! brilliant)- that meant i only had to make a few key items: stuffing, bean dip, and cranberry cake. sweet!

thanks to becca for hosting, and for these pictures!!


museum of christmas!!

 it was so fast... it's already gone. 
5 days. FIVE DAYS! it was only open for 5 days- that was the worst part. the best part? it was FREE! 
the medium part is that we visited friday afternoon- i think it got progressively busier- dead the first couple days because the buzz hadn't started, and packed by the time it closed. 

it was just across the street from where the museum of ice cream was last summer (see here)- hold your hand over your heart for that masterful masterpiece of sugary delight.
 candy cane swings, 
hugging bears, 
and a (snow)ball pit that makes me feel like i need some purell, stat.
there was also 45 seconds in the infinity light room!!! (sounds like 7 minutes in heaven if you ask me. minus the fact that i was with my kids.) GET THIS! 2.5 seconds into the room my phone flashed, "NOT ENOUGH STORAGE." 


so i have, like 1 photo & 1 video causecausecause i started deleting crap quick.

harvey's first swing ride was on a candy cane tire. odd, but entertaining. he was a fan. my butt wasn't. ouchie!

to ease the missing of the ice cream museum, we went with our same friends- the smiths & davises. we also saw about 30 other friends there. 
ho ho ho, yo!


THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNLIGHT! (and mari's birthday in brooklyn...)

mari is my best girlfriend in the city. i ADORE her. for her birthday, we wanted to re-create this walk across the brooklyn bridge from last fall. actually, you may remember mari's epic birthday bus last year (THIS!!); well, we combined the two memories;) 

the forecast was about as ominous as it gets: 100% change of thunderstorms. nonstop. all day. and night. we almost cancelled, but instead, i invested in some KILLER neon pink ponchos, and we headed out just before dinnertime. ready to be soaked. 

as is often the case, weather is as dependable as the lottery, and we emerged from the subway with the craziest orange glow- no rain. NONE. no people either. we walked toward the promenade, and had this part of brooklyn (which is usually packed), all to ourselves...
oh, first! the ride. we were too busy gabbing and totally got on the wrong train. #ametures
we did get the car to ourselves, with the exception of the poor businessman who we begged to take our photos. he hated us. we're not quiet.
look at manahttan! that skyline in the clouds!!!!

julie met us at juliana's (WHERE THERE WAS NOOO WAAAAIT!!!!), as did jenn p. a little while later. 

oh, wait, first, we played on the dock and took about 1,000 pictures.

oh, and mari lost her b-day balloons. 
bye, balloons!!

then we jumped a lot...
this. light. tho.
we ate 2 pizzas and salads, then wanted more. so we ordered a third pizza. naturally.
when we were stuffed beyond measure, we headed across the bridge. it was virtually empty. it started to drizzle, but just a little.

we walked & talked. 
talked a lot about goodbyes. two of these incredible girls are leaving the city all too soon, and my heart can't stand it. last year when i did this walk with girlfriends it was the day my grandpa passed away, and i remember it being such a surreal walk as i processed our journey in life.

this night felt strangely similar.
the cars and the glow and the fog- this city is something that is purely magical. if you haven't heard me say that about a million times already. 

so thankful for every moment i get under these sparkley lights.
the only downside of the night? no need for pink ponchos. 
womp womp.
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