color factory, round 2!

 we visited the color factory last summer (heeeere) & my kids raaaaaved about it (still rave)! monday after school, naomi & i braved the little trip downtown with 6/8 kids AND NO STROLLERSSSSS! i know. I KNOW! it was big. i'm still in pain. but totally worth it.
it was as fun as we remembered. less busy. still the same goodies throughout. harvey loved to scream, "BLUE BALLS!" nonstop which made me laugh nonstop, but he also hated being in them, so, ya know, more holding him. because ball pits are even MORE FUN WHEN YOU ARE OLD AND TRYING TO CARRY A KID THROUGH THEM! #workoutcity


FINALLY!! the guggenheim! *girls only* AND THE MOST PERFECT WEATHER!

it was one of the most beautiful-weather-weekends i ever remember. the temperature where all you notice is that it actually feels perfect no matter what you're wearing. although saturday started out chilly, around lunchtime it went straight heavenward. 

after some early (chilly) shoots in central park, and a quick appointment on the upper east side, i had the brilliant idea to stop into home depot to buy a new plant (ours was a dead stick) + potting soil. there's a new car-fare-rate-hike so i decided i was too cheap for a taxi and instead, i took the subway. *psa: there are no trains that go from the ues to the uws. it's not far- maybe 1.5 miles- but it requires a trip downtown to times square, then all the wayback uptown on a local train. it takes about 40 minutes on a weekend, and involves at least 8 staircases and no seats on the busy trains. it was a nightmare, and i regretted it immediately (should have sprung for the $25 taxi). too late! BUT AFTER I RECOVERED (*arms are shaking just typing this*) we took off to spend the rest of the day together in the sunshine. it was about 65 at this point, and every living creature was outside enjoying the sunshine. we walked through the park.... eventually elle & i ditched the boys because they complain too much, and we went to the guggenheim. FINALLY!!! saturday nights are pay-what-you-wish at the guggenheim, so we showed up about 40 minutes early and got in line (it was around the block and down the street already). while we waited we looked up riddles and laughed far too hard...
i can't believe this was my first visit to the guggenheim. the hilma af clint exhibit is closing soon, so it motivated us to go asap, and did not disappoint. i was engrossed in the architecture of the guggenheim- that rotunda!!!!! it felt so much like epcot to me. and elle and i couldn't stop talking about paris. it felt just like we were back there- just us two, perfect weather, and sore feet. (also, the bathrooms at the guggenheim were awesome. not that i went, but the set up of the whole thing was just brilliant.) also, i have no idea how those hundreds and hundreds of people in line with us just absorbed into the circles, but they did... i give the guggenheim a 9/10. 

we walked home the long way through the park as the sun set. the flowers are blooming and smell better than i remember flowering trees ever smelling. SPRING! SPRRRIIING! 

elle lets me take as many pictures as i want. and she's a perfect muse. WIN-WIN-WINNERY!
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