somersaults & stuff.

 (should i admit that i had to google how to spell somersault?)

elle's a little obsessed with "so you think you can dance" (among other things), and since she's become quite the contemporary-dance-virtuoso, her and jude are now becoming a bunch of little theatrical acrobats. it's so funny to watch. let's just say they get their gracefulness (or lack thereof) from their mother. meanwhile, elle's dancing her heart out & jude's trying to mimic her. the other night in the grass he developed a passion for somersaults... 


my dad's 70th & some snow in july.

my dad turned 70 at the end of july- 70! i swear once you become an adult, all other adults seem to remain a certain age- max, like, 40. i think all adults are 40. except grandparents. they can be around 60. 
peers are under 40. my mom is also under 40. my dad can be 40 because i know he's 18 years older than mom (for reals on that fact)... but once i realize that i'll be 30 in a few short months... that means my mom can't be less than 40... and since i know my dad was almost 40 when he had me, he certainly can't be 40... it's all very confusing.
people age?
i'm terrible at guessing ages. and it's getting worse, clearly.
we had my parents over to celebrate my dad's elderly milestone (SEVENTY!!??), with a little sunday dinner. mike & elle decorated for our (scorching) lunch al fresco...
oh, first they blew bubbles though.
^^ elle made a sign for the garage.
we filled the table with dirt & pepsi. which seemed appropriate considering the celebration. 
...and we had one of our favorite meals- fruit, cheese, and french bread.
we also made my dad's favorite treats for dessert including chocolate sodas and raisin cookies. 
....both those items do tell his age... only old people consume chocolate sodas and raisin cookies. 

happy birthday, dad!
we also celebrated winter in the heat of july by busting out a can of fake snow.
which was discussing.
you know those silica packets that are in shoes & stuff? yah, it was like that. only x 1,000,000,000. what a mess! short-lived, but fun. 
and thus ends birthdays & snow.


this is what the month of july looked like to elle:

to say elle hates loud noises is an understatement. fireworks? they're just... evil. the poor girl is a wreck. in utah (in particular, in our neighborhood in utah), fireworks are set off nightly for the entire month. for hours and hours (and hours and hours)! we tried to get her over her fear by getting poppers and prepping her... clearly, it was not a success.  ^^  she ran inside and hid, then kept sliding drawings out the door for us to see. 
jude was entertained! as was mike. 
i guess it's just us girls. 
maybe next july we'll celebrate from canada, eh? :)


film from the farmer's market.

as soon as i find time for a hobby, i'm learning to shoot with film.
thanks to alisha stamper for keeping my dreams alive and shooting a family picture of us on saturday- i'm in love! 


overcast skies & the end of another summer month.

it's amazing how you get used to the hot, dry air. it seems like we've had seventy scorching days in a row- direct sun and temps in the triple digits. the past few days it's been completely overcast- a bit cooler, and (by utah standards) really humid! it's been a nice break from the hot days, but it's putting into perspective just how little we have left of summer. back to school talk is in the air, as are end-of-summer sales. it's been such a great summer, literally filled to the brim with play. and per the norm, lots of elsa-ing.
(does this girl's posing not kill you? i bust out the camera, and it's on.)


the most wonderful, ordinary weekend...

in all my record books, i don't remember a weekend as great as this past one. it wasn't filled with anything unusual, except a lot of getting along, smooth outings, and all-around pleasantries. it was really refreshing!

friday night when i got home from work we realized we had a free meal at cafe rio, which for starters is, like, awesome. we meandered around the line and pretended we were at disney world. jude walked ahead of us and smiled at all the people (methinks he was trying to charm them and skip ahead in line). for the first time in history, everyone ate their food, acted polite, and we talked and laughed nonstop. when i gave my usual, "i want ice cream" on the way home, mike immediately turned into the mcdonalds parking lot. although i hate mcdonalds and only think of this when i see those golden arches, we pulled in the drive-through for a hot fudge sundae & 2 kiddie cones- which, HELLO, why did i not know these existed?? $0.25!??! sold! the kids were on cloud 9, and i only had to share my hot fudge sundae with mike. so, obviously, i was on cloud 9 as well. back at home we played in the yard until bedtime. jude & mike rode the plastic trike (yah, together) up & down the sidewalk, then mike busted out the food storage water and dumped it on the kids over and over and over.
saturday after a nice workout, elle & i went on a girl date (grocery shopping) while jude napped and mike worked on a lesson for church. we all went to costco and took our time, which on a saturday afternoon, i feel like deserves more than just free samples, don't you think? we hit the pool and the kids ate way too many otter pops. we picnic'd with some strange concoction of food on the grass and jude stole all of my ice cream.
sunday started with a decently smooth day at church (no meltdowns, nor exploding poop), and i only burned 1 of the 2 pizzas when my parents came over for dinner. soon thereafter we had a proper thunderstorm- a real, legitimate, ohio-esque storm- we're talking torrential rain, booming thunder, and crazy bolts of lightning (all while the sun shone brightly). elle was terrified, so she kept headphones on (  ^^  ). the kids went outside when all that remained was rainfall and played under the porch, confident that the voles were tucked well below the grass and far from our feet as we ran around outside.

and thus ended the most wonderful, ordinary weekend ever.


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