newport, rhode island!

oh, beautiful newport!

after what was probably 100 shoots this summer-into-fall and no weekends off, i did some shuffling to clear out an entire weekend for us to spend time as a family. i convinced mike it was the perfect time to rent a car and run away for a couple days (!!!). i looked at a map & newport seemed like a good distance- 3 hours away- just far enough to run, but not too far that we couldn't do it in the weekend. i did a little research, and reserved a hotel on the water- mike is easily entertained by water and this place was on a pier, so i knew it was an easy sell.

we left early saturday and after an hour of screaming, & some bagels for breakfast from absolute (still don't like them. SO MUCH DOUGH), harvey & the older kids were napping, and mike & i were on a mini date. car talks are one thing i miss the most living here in the city. i actually looked forward to that the most- pinning mike in a car and making him listen to all my thoughts on life and stress, and you know, stuff. a lot of stuff.

first stop: THE DOLLAR STORE!
second stop: WALMART!
fun fact: the stores on the island (newport is on an island)- maybe the stores in all of rhode island? not sure- they don't use plastic bags! only paper! very cool. 
crap fact: my camera battery was DEAD so i didn't get to take photos on the trip. and apparently 6v batteries for film cameras can only be purchased online? figures. it actually REALLY bummed me out. i really looked forward to taking pictures of my family, but oh well. *my phone was on it's last moments of life, and the battery only lasts for about 25 minutes from the time it's fully charged. i've since bought a new phone, which is always the most exciting way to spend $1000, but whatever. ANYWAY, point being, pictures suck from this trip. and i'm sort of bitter. but i'm trying not to be;)
the newport marriott was really beautiful. and very nautically themed:) the atrium & lobby were really lovely, and the location was perfect. the pool was slightly disappointing, but i feel like as an adult, hotel pools usually are;)

we set out for the afternoon to explore the little downtown area near the hotel. COMPLETELY caught off guard by all the charming shops! our kids were so grumpy, i wish we would have been able to just stuff them in a stroller and ignore them so we could enjoy, but alas, 3 kids and 2 adults and they won. in all fairness, elle had a fever so she got a pass. the boys? well, that's another story.
we stopped along the water before calling it a night at approximately 3:45 when it got dark;)

the next morning we admired the sunrise over the bridge that led to the island.
harvey ate dried apples from the dollar store. THEY ARE SO GOOD.
then, pinball.
we headed out when we got bored, just before lunch, and slowly headed back toward the city, via ocean drive. WHICH WAS INCREDIBLE.
i didn't take near enough photos since i was driving and mike could care less. 
we hit cracker barrell for lunch, which took a couple hours since brunch and sunday and the suburbs is THE IDEA EVERYONE IN RHODE ISLAND HAD............
it was a bit of a rocky trip home, but we made it in 1 piece. barely.
and now we have a great excuse to want to go back;)


macy's thanksgiving day parade & thanksgiving 2018!

thanksgiving this year was so special! i'm usually not the biggest fan of thanksgiving, but i really do love it in the city- probably because the city comes ALIVE with the parade! we have friends who are balloon handlers, and we live so close to the park; the best part is we figured out a loophole 2 years ago where we just walk west on 86th street toward the park (86th is at the end of the parade line-up)- we walk either into the park, or down central park west until we can no longer get past the bands, and call it good! we show up around 9 when the parade begins, see some floats & balloons, then head home to warm up. the best part is we see santa before everyone else. except this year. it was LITERALLY 5 degrees outside, so santa was apparently hiding somewhere. sleigh looked good as ever, though.

(my post last year at the parade, here, and in 2016 when we followed the same game plan as this year, here! for the record, we also announced we were pregnant with harvey on thanksgiving 2016.   wow. that seems a million years ago.)
we spent the rest of our day at our friends, the davises. josh mastered the turkey situation- all the food was SO GOOD!
look at that spread! AND THE TURKEY! it was such a beautiful (+ delicious) meal.
the kids table & THE BABIES! so many perfect little babies!
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