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life with jonas...

a little more from our weekend with jonas, and then i'm done. it was just so exciting!! all that apocalypse-like behavior from the dc metro area which was in a legit state of emergency!!
we spent most of our time hunkered down indoors watching the snow fall.
 friday was the day jonas was scheduled to arrive so work and school were cancelled in preparation. there was lots of pjs and working out and movies and playing inside, and a nice walk to starbucks around lunchtime just as all the stores were closing for the day. 
we made snow angels played hockey along the way...
we were ready for a few days without power so mike bought some candles... including this one:)
mike also made science experiments, and the kids used straws to blow shapes through the screen onto the snow...
monday morning mike went to our church building to help clear a path on the sidewalk (step 1: locate the sidewalk). on the way he passed a car ditched in the middle of the road, like so many hundreds of others.    *facepalm*
this is what awaited him when he got to church. it may be hard to see just how deep it is, but they only had a few guys and some shovels (4-wheelers! i never thought i'd ever miss seeing a 4-wheeler!). mike said it took 3 digs down just to touch to the sidewalk.

we were scheduled to fly to utah on tuesday, so to be safe, on monday we headed to a hotel near the airport so we wouldn't have to deal with the icy morning commute (aka: commuters). 

now we're back in town and the snow has melted (i hear it was in the 60's while we were gone). school is back in session after an 8-day break, and the normal crazies are back to just being crazy in the sun instead of the snow. 

peace, jonas.


jonas- he was more of the bad boy type.

ooooh, jonas! total troublemaker that manstorm was. jonas blew in friday and saturday (as noted previously), stopping sometime in the middle of the night. it flurried nonstop that entire time, and added up, inch by inch until we soared past 2' of white stuff. the entire dc/maryland/virginia area shut down for daysanddaysanddays! work and school were cancelled friday, monday, and tuesday. church was cancelled. life was basically cancelled. 

but on sunday, in the middle of the shutdown, the most radiant sunshine showered the area with glitter and decent warmth. so we busted out the cardboard, bag, and sock sleds for round 2...
there were a dozen or so people who also creatively sledded on cookie sheets and trash and scraps of who-knows-what. that square sled mike fashioned rocked it. i can't believe it survived! the only issue is it completely white washed you by the time you got to the base of the hill.      white.washed.  jude let out a, "mommmmmyyyyyy! dis not awesome anymore!!!!" as we flew downhill being pelted by snow and ice.   :)
then we climbed around in the thigh-deep snow, threw powdery balls at each other, and played on our sleds enjoying the day- it was so nice!! really. i layed there and thought, 'i need to remember this. this is fantastic. this is really, really awesome.'
there was also a LOT of snow-eating.
and then we saw a plane in the sky!! that's a good sign of life (flights were also halted for days out of all the airports).
it wasn't really snowman-making snow (despite those big snowmen ^^ i'm not sure who made those or when), so mike painstakingly made a ball, filled a traffic cone, and the kids made an alien. perfect!

then we headed home. mike and i trudged and pulled the kids. it was very fun.
mike and i talked in bed sunday night about how funny it is that most weekends we do something a little more fun than the one(s) before. i swear i'm always saying, "this was the best!" but really, they are. 

we were stuck inside for days and days. we knew it was coming, and it wasn't so bad! the power stayed on, i worked out to my hearts content in the gym downstairs, we filled ourselves with lots of fruit and homemade soup, and we hardly changed out of our sweats. oh, and my boss even drove us a box of costco-sized hot chocolate sunday afternoon- can you believe that?!?

i have no idea when we'll have another weekend like this one again. jonas made us laugh hysterically. he caused reactions in people that i never imagined were possible outside of sitcoms. he caused snow drifts taller than me. he created complete chaos for days and days, but my goodness, he was fine by me as a winter fling. 
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