first day of 4th & 1st!!

i haven't cried (yet). my heart is so full. i have to say again just how incredible this summer was- looking back all the (hourly) fights and arguments and tears blur together with the laughter and the adventures and the ice cream and the miles walking and the sweat and the subway pole-swinging. another summer has passed. 

these two headed back to school- 4th and 1st grade. there weren't any tears, just anticipation as we showed up and they waited to see who was in their classes and who their teachers were (they don't announce any of that in advance, just a letter + number combo for us to make assumptions, which are usually incorrect;)

it was beautiful and brisk. the city is insane as all the parents run around with signs and cameras and phones to their ears yelling, "i can't talk now, it's my kids' first day!" it's the only day you see so many double parents in plentitude since nannies are the norm most mornings. it's very sweet, and very exciting.

these two are finally in the same yard for drop off & pick up (pre-k & k are in a smaller yard--- i can't believe we've graduated from that yard for a couple years!). 

jude expressed his enthusiasm (as he does) immediately when he recognized his first friend. then second. then third. then one of his best girlfriends from pre-k, kitty. then a few other friends from kinder. then his teacher! the one we heard gave so much homework, but also she has kind eyes. and structured lines. and she's always the first one out at dismissal which makes me SUPER happy;) 

elle was more reserved- as she is. her best girlfriends were all split into different classes this year. but it's her FIFTH year at this school and she knows so many kids. she's always easy. she's always brave. she's our observer. she waited and smiled. we went up to meet her teachers. there was a line, and elle never pushes (unlike her impatient mom)- she always waits- eagerly, but patiently. mike and i split up, going back and forth with harvey (who was sure he was also going to stay at school). 

and then they went in! all the kids filtered in the doors and the parents filtered out the gates. back to the fall grind.

we love you, elle & jude. happy school year!


rockaway beach, 2019 & a hearty "goodbye, summer! we love you!"

the last thing left on our summer bucket list was a trip to the rockaways. we started summer with the beach (coney island on memorial day, then an immediate trip to miami the day after school was out for summer at the end of june!); it seemed perfectly fitting to spend our last full-free-day at the beach.

this particular beach is accessible via ferry, and i love taking this route (it's longer, but worth it)- we ride the subway to wall street, and then walk to the ferry where it takes about an hour to get from lower manhattan out to queens. the walk from the boat to the beach is short and easy. it's also stroller-friendly to do this route, opposed to the subway-only route which requires a LOT of steps. (i'm sure there are other beaches that likely have handicap accessibility, i just don't know of them.)

i was SHOCKED just how great my kids were- it's like they knew the sentiment of our outing:) elle and jude got along like 89% of the time, and harvey was totally content just hanging out near me the whole time. he played in the sand with his dump trucks (his newest obsession). the water was a little rough about 20' out, but the tide rolled in nice and low between the rough water and the beach, so elle & jude entertained themselves entirely in the waves' wake. the rockaways is in the jfk flight path, so i spent my time just staring into the sky and taking in all the pretty sights that is a queens, new york beach. 

a man walked by with a bell, selling scoops of ice cream out of his cart so we grabbed a couple of those, ate nutella sandwiches, sandy apples, and then stopped by rite aid on our way back to the ferry to get some new snacks for the ride home. after we landed at the port at wall street we stopped to get &pizza to-go and headed home on the train. magically, mike caught us at 42nd street and hopped our our car at rush hour for the last 10 minutes of the ride. harvey jumped into his arms and finally took a power nap at 5pm.

august was the month we really got into our summer stride. there's something about feeling like it's ending soon that really gets us going. the weather has been UNREAL- so much more mild than normal (78 on this particular day, and not-too-high humidity). the kids are finally all playing together for the most part, and i feel like we're getting into our stride. i mean, at the same time, they seem to have forgotten how to listen to me, and have tuned out their names so they drive me insane most days, but i love summer. i desperately love our adventures. i'm so grateful for their willing spirits, bribery, and these long, hot, sticky summer days in the city.


domino park, 2019!

adventure day! this week we met up with some friends and went back out to domino park- a favorite from last summer. the forecast was super ominous, but since bags were packed and everyone was hyped, we ventured out expecting to get soaking wet from above AND below. thankfully, we only had 1 tiny rain shower that didn't even motivate me to go get my umbrella. the plus is we had the place to ourselves for the morning! and the overcast skies helped keep it so much cooler than when the sun peeked out and zapped us.

we took 3 trains to get our 10 kids there- between myself, naomi, and marlene; brit & 3/4 of her kids met us there a few hours later.

the big kids ran between the splash pad and playground for hours, stopping only to eat tacos mid-day. the strategically-placed tacocina is really yummy, and memories of that strawberry hibiscus slushee is calling me back out to williamsburg sooner than i anticipated:) brit brought along art supplies for the kids to draw and paint rocks. as if they didn't need another reason to have the best wednesday!

3/4 elevators worked, we had enough hands to go around, and no one had meltdowns or ran out of snacks. total success!
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