nighttime in the city...

 you'd never know it by the stretch of freezing cold days we've had thus far in march, but man, february's weather was incredible! we had so many beautiful sunsets, days in the 60's (and 70's!), and even evenings outdoors. we played on the roof a bit, had a few double dates with friends, and a couple awesome girls nights...
 a few picnics on the roof, enjoying that insane space while it's ours...
 dusk walks with a light jacket (and some with no jacket- hullo!).

also, my friend jenn's birthday party, which was basically a girl gab night on the 230 fifth rooftop. THAT VIEW!!!! between the heated igloos, crazy lights, and that 360 view- it was perfection. also, i had a direct shot of mike's office building... ;) shiny!
 a perfectly gorgeous baby shower (to which i left with a massssssive balloon, and my friends actually rode the same subway car with me as i carried that darn balloon all the way home).

also, there was a fire just above jacob's pickles- it basically gutted the buildings, and left a ton of people homeless. the shops and restaurants were forced to close (some permanently), which is really sad. this little neighborhood of ours is so special, and it was shocking to watch a piece of it literally go up in flames. we watched from our roof, and from the ground as hundreds of firefighters broke windows, climbed ladders, and worked hard to put out the fire. the aftermath that followed was sad- apartments emptied onto the streets, and the smell of burning that still lingers...
 ^^ firetrucks lining the streets surrounding jacob's pickles.

speaking of pickles, ironically the night after the fire we had dinner with friends at maison pickle, the new brother restaurant of jacob's pickles. the french dip was awesome. the plates, however, were so big we all held half of them in our hands as we ate:) 
those february nights gave me a glimpse into what's to come- summer nights! and maybe spring nights again if we are lucky? maybe? maybe!? ;)


toilet paper paradise: the "musea-bit"

the morning of jude's birthday (president's day!), we headed out early to see the toilet paper paradise exhibit at the cadillac house. jude kept getting confused between "museum" and "exhibit," so it turned into the "toilet paper musea-bit," which i thought was a fantastic name anyway. we had the musea-bit to ourselves since it was, like, 8:15am, which was probably better anyway since my kids ran wild and confused throughout the place. 

spaghetti walls in a cadillac showroom that also features a coffee shop... so random, right?

also featured in the last pic- mike's hangry face after the nightmare of holiday train service (this should have been an EASY 20 minute hop on the 1, but no. never would that be our luck on a weekend/holiday). next stop: food.


jude's 4th birthday...

when jude came out of his room early the morning of his birthday we heard his sweet little voice, "mommmmmyyyyy?? daaaaadddyy?? is it for reals my birthday this time!? IS IT FOR REALS!?" 

mike is the master of creating a happy little space for our kids on the morning of their birthday. he always heads to the store to pick out decorations they would like, leaving me utterly useless. other than to document the whole thing:) jude had a little present from us, and packages from some of his favorite people.

jude's b-day fell on president's day, so elle was off school and mike was off work! such a great day to celebrate. we headed to see toilet paper paradise (that post here), and since everyone was hangry by the time we left the "musea-bit," we headed to jack's wife freida a few blocks away... 
when i was little we used to go to la valencia in la jolla- this magical hotel right on the water- for special meals. even after we moved away from san diego, we would visit when we were in town, and i always remember their hot cocoa being utter perfection. if you let it sit, the cream would rise to the top... well, this cocoa reminded me of la valencia! mike got it for he and jude, but let's be honest, i drank my fair share;) 
i asked the waiter if he would mind putting a candle in our waffle for jude's birthday- he was SO sweet about it. when he came out a little while later we found out it was HIS birthday, too! 

also, mike and elle shared sliders & fries at 9am......... right.
we walked by joe's pizza on our way to the subway, also pit-stopping at the park (wishing i could pit-stop at joe's had i not been so full). back at home, jude opened his present from nana & papa, and it basically made his life complete (not that any of us have EVER even seen ANY of the star wars movies)...
after jude's nap, we let him pick the rest of the day. which was the best thing ever for him, and worst for us. 

chuck e. cheese.
then mcdonalds.


either way, the kids had a blast! and on our walk home from mc-d's i finally got to try the pizza truck i've been eying for ages. (it was amazing!)

flashback from monday (jude's actual b-day) to the saturday before- jude requested a little "scooter party in the gym" like his friends have. so we met up for a couple hours to have some star wars-themed treats, cake, and a little scooter lapping!
i attempted only moderately to make light saber veggie sticks, skewers, and pretzel rods. the end.
elle made 20 of these storm trooper cups all by herself!! how sweet is she!?

we love that cute little jude-man, who woke up tuesday the 21st as a full-fledged terror of a 4-year-old. pray for us. 

in happier news, we left the church and it was 55 degrees outside! plus, that night (unrelated to jude's birthday), mike and i got an actual sitter and went on an actual (triple) date with friends!!! we haven't been on an actual DINNER and EVENT date night here in the city since we visited sans-kids years ago! after paying for the whole thing, we remembered WHY we only do it every 4 years (#datesinnyccost$250), but it was so worth it. dinner > an escape room > dessert. ANYWAY, point being: GREAT weekend, great weather, and great city. 

also, we sure love our jude man.
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