78 degrees in chinatown!

the kids are on winter break, and i was terrified it would resemble holiday break. the weather has been erratic, but some looney weathermen predicted a 40 degree spike on wednesday. just wednesday. 35 to 75. then back again the next day! well, they were RIGHT! 
it was like a different planet.
i started the day with a photo shoot, then after harvey took a glorious nap (those don't always happen), we headed to chinatown! because, well, we never get to chinatown. and we had time. and weather on our side! plus, my kids have been dyyying for these binki cafe ice creams since last summer. 
it was time.
i'm glad the line wasn't long. it was slow-moving-art to create cotton candy on ice cream, let me tell you. 

cotton candy hello kitty & baymax on soft serve vanilla (my kids are real adventurers, let me tell you). also, the seaweed details had their eyes popping, but of course it didn't stop them from plucking off pieces and throwing them in the gutter (they tried seaweed once. once was enough). also, i told them it wouldn't stop me, and that i would eat their treats, which got them moving.

elle went face first.
thinking we needed more sugar in the form of bread to balance our treatage, we went to kossar's! grabbed some bagels. and black & white cookies, which are my new obsession. i don't even love them, but i ALWAYS want them! i've tried a ton of versions. i'm still perplexed about these creations- not a cookie, not a cake. when i see one, i try it. kossar's weren't my fave. too sweet. and dry. anyway, i order these cookies i don't even like multiple times a week (that's embarassing). so far, the best i've found is from barney greengrass, if anyone's wondering. but the search continues.
we found a park around the corner, and on the way we found this! the pickle guys! an open entry and barrels of pickled... things inside. elle chose olives. elle LOVES olives. she called them her "babies" as we walked.
later that night when mike got off work and after we ate dinner, we went for a walk to central park. we passed katie holmes on the way. nbd. mike noticed her- i never notice ANYONE. katie holmes!! 

it was seventy five as we sat in a pitch black playground and the kids ran around.
mike said exactly what i was feeling: "THIS is why we live here. i was forgetting. this is when i fall in love with this city all over again." and it's true. magical "summer nights," minus the bugs and crowds and humidity. 
also, it's february.

oh, and here's katie:


family pictures in mike's hometown...

so, mike's from the country. like, a small town outside of a small town. he calls this place "god's country." his 2 sisters and both his parents (who are remarried) are either still in their hometown, or closeby. while we were in utah, i/we took some family pictures of the whole crew(s) in the 'hood...
cousin time was one of the highlights of our trip to utah- these kids are ALL AMAZING. every single one. awesome. it sucks to be far away sometimes, but it makes me feel sooo much better when the kids pick up right where they left off.


jude is 5!!

our little oreo-cream-filling-jude turns 5 today. 

a few things are (still) synonymous with jude: full-throttle emotion, his long hair, clicking his tongue (heaven help me with that one), a love for legos & youtube, and a terror of blood and physical pain. he's highly emotional, sensitive, and thrives on bribery (for the most part). his favorite place in the world is cvs. he's a super picky eater, but will drink anything. 

he has changed dramatically in the last year- he woke up 4, and was a different kid entirely; he has morphed a thousand times over in the past year. he's grown up so- he became a big brother & started school- huge milestones! to be honest, he challenges me- he's different than me- SO different, and i have no idea how to parent a boy, let alone that boy, most of the time. but man oh maaaaaan when that kid loves, he loves hard. it's pure and kind and wonderful and there's nothing in the world like it. he's energetic and says hilarious things, and is SO PHYSICAL (which is really new to me). he's teaching me a lot about being a parent. he's given me some of my deepest sobs, and biggest worries to-date. he has me wrapped around his finger, and swearing up a storm most every hour of every day. 

jude maxwell, i love you so much!!!
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