overcast skies & the end of another summer month.

it's amazing how you get used to the hot, dry air. it seems like we've had seventy scorching days in a row- direct sun and temps in the triple digits. the past few days it's been completely overcast- a bit cooler, and (by utah standards) really humid! it's been a nice break from the hot days, but it's putting into perspective just how little we have left of summer. back to school talk is in the air, as are end-of-summer sales. it's been such a great summer, literally filled to the brim with play. and per the norm, lots of elsa-ing.
(does this girl's posing not kill you? i bust out the camera, and it's on.)


the most wonderful, ordinary weekend...

in all my record books, i don't remember a weekend as great as this past one. it wasn't filled with anything unusual, except a lot of getting along, smooth outings, and all-around pleasantries. it was really refreshing!

friday night when i got home from work we realized we had a free meal at cafe rio, which for starters is, like, awesome. we meandered around the line and pretended we were at disney world. jude walked ahead of us and smiled at all the people (methinks he was trying to charm them and skip ahead in line). for the first time in history, everyone ate their food, acted polite, and we talked and laughed nonstop. when i gave my usual, "i want ice cream" on the way home, mike immediately turned into the mcdonalds parking lot. although i hate mcdonalds and only think of this when i see those golden arches, we pulled in the drive-through for a hot fudge sundae & 2 kiddie cones- which, HELLO, why did i not know these existed?? $0.25!??! sold! the kids were on cloud 9, and i only had to share my hot fudge sundae with mike. so, obviously, i was on cloud 9 as well. back at home we played in the yard until bedtime. jude & mike rode the plastic trike (yah, together) up & down the sidewalk, then mike busted out the food storage water and dumped it on the kids over and over and over.
saturday after a nice workout, elle & i went on a girl date (grocery shopping) while jude napped and mike worked on a lesson for church. we all went to costco and took our time, which on a saturday afternoon, i feel like deserves more than just free samples, don't you think? we hit the pool and the kids ate way too many otter pops. we picnic'd with some strange concoction of food on the grass and jude stole all of my ice cream.
sunday started with a decently smooth day at church (no meltdowns, nor exploding poop), and i only burned 1 of the 2 pizzas when my parents came over for dinner. soon thereafter we had a proper thunderstorm- a real, legitimate, ohio-esque storm- we're talking torrential rain, booming thunder, and crazy bolts of lightning (all while the sun shone brightly). elle was terrified, so she kept headphones on (  ^^  ). the kids went outside when all that remained was rainfall and played under the porch, confident that the voles were tucked well below the grass and far from our feet as we ran around outside.

and thus ended the most wonderful, ordinary weekend ever.


las vegas finale.

the last of the vegas photos, including lots more food, pool time, elevator dancing, a trip to the las vegas temple, shopping, and lastly, a our final pit stop(s) on the drive home at jdawgs & krispy kreme. because, well, duh.

for those who asked, we went for our 9th anniversary, and stayed at the mirage (our favorite). we employed our trusty travel tricks and scored the hotel for $65/night including tax and the resort fee... AND free tickets to ka. woop woop! also, i have finally recovered from heatstroke. next time? we're celebrating in september when it's cooler:)

more of this trip to vegas here, here, & here.


vegas in-motion... but, mostly just us eating frrrozen hot chocolates.

here's something i learned: when you don't have cute kids with you on vacay, your movies movies are filled with lame things like a girl picking her wedgie at the pool, bad car dancing, and a whole lot of frrrozen hot chocolate drinking. so... mostly, nothing really, but what else would i do with all the ridiculous iPhone clips, right?
more movies here
song is "peace"  by o.a.r.


las vegas, part 2

have i mentioned?    it was 115.    onehundredandfifteen.     as in, degrees.     outside.
we read online that the record is 117- which all things considered, is practically the same thing. when it's 115, what's another 2 degrees? i mean the car must have been 120, right? 
ugh, death. i'm never eating rotisserie chicken again- i feel for those chickens! when the wind blows at 115 degrees, all you want is for the wind to stop blowing. it makes everything worse! 
i opted not to lug around my camera for most of the trip, so photos are kind of sparse. 
also, day tres was no bueno. 
we went to the grand lux after a morning at the pool, i ate a little, then started to get siiiiiick. i had to sit on a mannequin at the nike outlet... then lay on the ground. it was a pretty picture, let me tell you. 
i spent the rest of the day trying not to hurl and/or spin out of the universe. thankfully, i was coincidentally ill at the same time as when the US played in the world cup. (i think mike poisoned me.) actually, i think i may have had sunstroke? i wasn't sweating at all, and before long my entire body was twitching and aching... anyway, we had tickets to ka (free!) that night, so i drug myself into the evil sun and we had a nasty meal at rainforest cafe, followed by a lovely show of ka! (i sat on many a random floor to rest and stop spinning in between.) oh, we also pit-stopped at the m&m store just so i could tell elle we went to the m&m store.    true story. 
our last full day, i woke up feeling a lot better. we went to the pool at 8am, hid in the shade, and left after an hour. (no chance i wanted a repeat of day tres.)
apparently the pool was the only place i brought my camera.  can you tell? :)
oh! we then went to the temple- it's been waaaaaaaay too long since we've gone together. it was great to not feel rushed, and to just enjoy some peace and quiet.
that afternoon we tried the outlets again (much better! no laying prostrate on the ground in a dress, thankfully), and had dinner at blt burger. we rested up and hit the strip for the evening. it was so nice to just hang out the two of us- we missed our babies of course, but we loved our time just the two of us again- it's been a while! we also ate two frrrrozen hot chocolates at two different times that day. we may or may not have spent $40 on 3 total during the trip. should i admit that? we never even spent $40 on a single meal our entire time in vegas, but spent FORTY DOLLARS on chocolate drinks. 
our last morning i woke up feeling really sick once again. we tried for the (shade and) pool, but alas,  decided it wasn't wise. mike wanted one more trip to serendipity before checking out.
on the drive home we tried not to bake in the car, survive the traffic, and also not careen into the back of that bus. ^^ WHO makes a bus look like the landscape? very confusing when you've been in the car 5 hours, let me tell you;) if it wasn't for the overcast sky, we would have been in trouble!

thanks to our families from the bottom of our full hearts and tired feet- our babies hardly knew we were gone (did they know we were gone?). we are so appreciative of their willingness to wrangle for days, and love our kids almost as much as we do. 


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