last day of 2nd grade & pre-k!

last tuesday the kids (FINALLY) had their last day of school! it was a half-day, and probably the longest day ever (i was finishing up another juice cleanse, and simultaneously fighting a cold and coming down with MASTITIS. AGAIN). i was also eyeball-deep in packing for our miami trip (we left the next morning), and with a fever, chills, sore boobs, a needy baby, and the realization that i have 3 kids at home allll day again... it was a lot to process in one afternoon:) 

BUT!!! we not only survived the school year, it was also a really good one. the kids excelled and i'm SO happy with how the year turned out overall! so proud of my almost-kindergartener & 3rd grader!

(their first day of pre-k & 2nd grade here.)

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