sweltering saturday & a second smash cake!

a couple weeks ago, harvey's bff ella celebrated her 1st bday in the park near strawberry fields. ella & harvey are 2 days apart (she's the older woman;). ella's darling mom, marlene, was sweet enough to include harvey in the cake smash! 

BUT FIRST, shake shack.

i was actually on my way home from a shoot when i ran into mike & the family & everyone wanted shakes and burgers. no line at the shack. so we went in. i really dislike the shack. they never cook their meat (ESPECIALLY AT MADISON SQUARE PARK! barf)... mostly, i just ache for in-n-out when we go to shake shack. and i long to spend $15 instead of $40 for some burgers and fries, but i digress. 

mike made his own fry sauce. that helped. it tasted mostly decent this particular day. i was also impressed by the chocolate chip marshmallow shake. two thumbs up on that one, shack!

back to the day- it was SO humid & sticky, but the park is as green as can be, so i've all but forgotten about the heat now that i'm just looking back at the photos.
looking up at the roof i remembered that this was the first shake shack we went to- mike and me- years ago when we visited nyc to see if we wanted to make it our home. it sucked that time, too. but sentimental nontheless:) 
*elle stole these glasses from when she went to a movie theater birthday party- they saw star wars in 3D & she took the glasses as a souvenir........😬 she took out the lenses and vowed to wear them constantly, but started to get headaches the next day, so they've since been lost (?).
ella's party was in the shade of the giant, fluffy green trees, just next to the imagine mosaic & strawberry field... #pinchme
watch this play-by-play...
got it! way to make it work, ella girl;) harvey wasnt've loosening his grip on that ball, and she wanted IN. done.
easily distracted. 
ella took advantage of the situation, as any smart girl would;)
hbd, ella!!

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