easter egg hunt 2018!

saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast & an easter egg hunt in central park with our church friends. i had a photos shoot in the park at the same time, so i met everyone there just in time to see the kids let loose and run all over the hill collecting eggs.

(for reference, please note this same egg hunt in this same spot last year, here. HOW was this only a year ago?? it looks like a lifetime ago.)

for probably the most exciting part of the day- it was FIFTY TWO DEGREES! it's been so incredibly cold that this day of spring felt extra magical since it fell on easter weekend. not to mention there were a few trees- just a few- that looked like this...
we didn't bother with baskets, so the kids used bags. didn't seem to care. sweet!
all 12 eggs-worth of candy were consumed in 1 sitting, while harvey gnawed on a bagel.
we stopped at the playground on the way home and elle had her first run-in of the season with bees. she cried & cried. but the light was pretty so i took pictures, tears and all;)
elle & i went on a run, we played more at the playground, and then i went to see "love, simon" with some girlfriends- and it was one of the best movies i've seen in a while. 

it was a beautiful saturday! welcome, spring! and happy easter!

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