dc for spring break, part 3: shots from my phone...

a few recaps about our dc trip- we used turo for the first time, which was awesome. it's like airbnb but for cars. we rented a pathfinder- which was HUGE, and had 2 sunroofs. it was amazing. driving a car is like a vacation in and of itself... minus driving in maryland, which is still as horrendously terrible as i remember. there is nowhere worse i have encountered on the planet (at least, all the planet parts i've come across). but driving was amazing. AND so was the weather friday when we crossed into maryland!! 62 degrees! and sunny!

our first stop was the amish market for pretzels & boston cream pie. 
then, cafe rio. 
after cafe rio, mike & i took a call with our realtor where we accepted an offer on our condo, only a couple days after it was listed! i'm in shock. trying not to count our chickens before they hatch, but we're under contract, and so thrilled. the kids ran laps up and down the side of the building, and harvey ate ice chips & mulch from the sidewalk.
we checked into the hotel, then walked across the street to smash confetti eggs that mike found 80% off at cvs. we just played in the grass and enjoyed the wind & sunshine, then walked around campus until the sun started to set and the chilly air blew in.
saturday after our morning in dc we stopped for lunch at spice 6- my FAVORITE indian restaurant. i love it so so sosososo much!!! the kids & i got into a huge fight because, well, hangry, and as i watched all the psycho drivers back into their parking spaces like slow turtles, i cursed the land and wished to just transport spice 6 to nyc so i could enjoy those spicy chickpeas and naan from a land without maryland drivers.

then elle & mike ran across the street for empanadas at our favorite spot, cafe azul.

jude drummed. with his eyes closed. look, i know the photos here are less than stellar, but i just don't care enough, and i want to remember all the fun random events that filled our weekend;)
and this!!! we found gossner milk (LOGAN!) at the dollar store! which, by the way, was jude's most requested stop. we spent $40, and i'm fairly certain no one in the history of dollar tree has ever spent $40. we sort of went bananas.

on the drive home sunday we went to cracker barrel (2 actually- the 1st was too busy). the drive too far too long, and traffic was a beast getting home, but it's tradition to stop here, so we did. we also went to walmart in secaucus, and i have NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE IT IN MY LIFE! people filled every aisle. shelves were empty. the lines were wrapped through clothing aisles and into the craft section- we were in line almost an hour. but we stocked up on massive hoards of dairy & family size cereal boxes. it was amazing. but i definitely am not going to make that a frequent occasion.

we all took the car back to it's home parking garage, then took the subway back to our apartment hours past bedtime. ready to get up and jump back into life monday morning. loving that this was the reverse of our spring break when we lived in dc, here & here;) 

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