dc for spring break, part 2 - featuring the hotel & pool!

we drove by what is now the hotel at the university of maryland everyday while it was being built. we decided to stay there while we were in dc for the weekend so we would be close to campus & our old stomping ground, which is what the kids wanted to do most. i was SHOCKED how nice the hotel was! when i worked for the vice president at umd, i had to deal with a lot of hotel arrangements, and man, this would have been a great addition to the sole marriott in classy college park;) other than the pool being ice cold & harvey hogging our bed and not sleeping longer than his "usual" 60-minutes-at-a-time, the stay was super nice & comfy. plus, there was a bagel store on the first floor so we went there about a dozen times.

now, a lot of pictures from our stay. mostly at the pool. it was spring break, after all.

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