dc for spring break, part 1: dc & the obama's portraits at the national portrait gallery!

before we get started, jude's pose in the first photo needs a second look.

ok. now for the remainder of this post. 

we took off for a long weekend to wrap up spring break, heading to our old stomping ground of dc. i'll talk more about the trip soon, but for now, some photos of our saturday in downtown dc. i had a couple photo shoots to start the day, then met up with mike & the kids at the national portrait gallery- seeing the obama's portrait's was at the top of my wish list for this trip. we were there when the museum opened, and booked it (along with hundreds of other people) to see the paintings...

(see our visits to the gallery when we lived in dc, here & here. MY BAAABBIIIESSS!)

WAIT! ALSO! the cherry blossoms! this crazy weather had the forecast all wonky, and somehow we saw them at peak. i have no idea how. but we weren't complaining. actually just me. because i was the only one who cared. i walked a few solid miles that morning so i got a lovely, lovely look!
we were, like, 10th in line to get inside the museum, but by the time we got to president obama's portrait, the line was wrapped around the room. so we just walked around it and took a little looksy. 

next, we went upstairs to see michelle obama's portrait. it was packed as well. she was next to ll cool j. which i thought was just SO funny. stellar artwork though. so beautiful! i LOVED her piece- it was so much more beautiful in person than it photographs.

the real trick is we were stroller-less, and i had my giant camera bag; plus, 2 tired, hangry kids, and a bunch of coats and schtuff we were lugging around. naturally, we didn't linger long. i knew i would regret it. and i sort of did. but you win some you lose some. and it's a museum. the art isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
there was a jazz festival happening in the beautiful courtyard (i love that space), so it sounded super cool and jazzy! and they had a little kid craft thing going down. the kids made micropohones. 
next up was our favorite indian food for lunch. plus empanadas. and then ikea.
more soon!

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