a perfect saturday in lower manhattan...

some thoughts as we sat in a park in soho:

this little corner of the internet is such a special place for me. i know blogs are things of the past in so many ways- few people "blog" anymore, but this space is my journal and my album and my way to document my family. and it's my place to speak. for me. i love to write, and i love to try and detail what our life is like here, now. it's DEFINITELY not perfect in any way, but i want to remember these days of magic. they happen. and i'm so grateful. see, this started as me & mike. it's grown to include our, now, family of 5 for over 10 years. what!? (i had no idea it'd been 10 years until i just did a little looksy.) almost 800 posts, consistently documented. it's progressed and changed and adapted to becoming a place where i can keep most of the photos i take of our family, and it has become one of the most cherished places i refer to OFTEN to see life's progression.

so these thoughts ran in my mind as i sat in this particular park. a park we've been to a dozen times. a park i remember visiting (here) last summer - i remember harvey then. a tiny baby harvey!!! 

saturday was a really special day. it sounds silly, but it was. it's the best word for it; 73 degrees, sunny, breezy, and perfect. i had a freelance tv shoot at 7am near times square, but i found out when i arrived that the client cancelled last-minute. as i ventured home, the streets were quiet, and the air was calm. it was warm. early. we did some laundry (load 6 in 24 hours), and headed back out for what turned out to be the beginning of an 11-hour-in-the-sun day. it reminded me so much of our old cram-session-weekend-trips to nyc (before we lived here). we walked and walked and walked. ate and ate and ate. we went to our favorite parks and eateries. we walked the same streets we've walked for years now, and a bunch of new ones too. 

i wish i could explain how the air felt.
it was ELECTRIC. 

something about nyc on those random warm days- it was going to get cold again (the next day it dropped 35 degrees, the one after, it rained like i haven't seen in ages). new yorkers function so much in a hurried, stick-your-face-in-the-cold-like-it-or-not fashion, because you have to. when the weather blows (no pun intended), you deal with it. i never used an umbrella in my life until i moved here. and i've gone through, like 15 this year alone. so, functioning happens. like it or not. 

after such a long, bruuuutal winter, that these days are legitimate heaven on earth. MILLIONS of people flock outdoors. happily! they are so happy!!! it's like young, sappy love. the butterflies you get when you're a newbie to love. like, you know your heart will be broken again, but for now, you're totally going to ignore what wisdom tells you, and just be smitten cause, well, this right here is a bad boy love. and that's kind of hot.
another photo shoot in soho led us to start our day there. mike & the kids found a playground, then we all met up to in chinatown for hand-pulled noodles and dumplings. 

then we walked to taiyaki for unicorn ice cream cones. i got 2. then went back in and got another one. then walk in and got a 4th. i had a moment when i realized we'd spent over $30 on ice cream and had one of those, 'what is my life becoming?' moments. but it was good, so i didn't really care. but, i mean, that's just crazy. it was good though;)
we walked through little italy, up mulberry street, and then ran into la esquina, which happens to be on the cutest street corner. i also heard there's a secret enterance with an almost-impossible-to-get-reservations-at restaurant below ground.

a couple pork tacos later, and the best vegetarian taco i've ever eaten, and i'm already ready to go back. 

the exploring continued.
harvey chased pigeons. there was one particular pigeon who taunted him by walking under the fence where harvey couldn't reach. it went back and forth in and out of that fence as harvey went back and forth following then stopping. his knees were black. his skin is always red from scooting everywhere. i can only imagine what summer will look like.

we of course grabbed slices at joe's pizza, and had more playground time in the west village. we also stopped for my favorite doughnuts (i like to say donuts, but in this case, i'll use the "gh" out of principle) from the doughnut project. we ordered 4. ate them all. their flavors are the best. especially the lemon & sea salt!!! 

we eventually made it home, then i went back out for a run in central park. i've never seen anything like the park that evening. just people. in massive, massive groupings. covering all the green space and the sidewalk space and even the still-brown space. it was remarkable. it went fast, and just like the rest of those good days, is all a distant little memory, aside from these pictures of our day...

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