forever dreaming of pink at pietro nolita...

pietro nolita is straight out of a girl's DREAM. at least this girl. some of my best girlfriends & i got there for lunch on wednesday right when they opened, and giggled and chatted and took about a million photos (mostly me, let's be honest). i'm sure we looked every bit as touristy as it gets. 
totally worth it.
i should note that the food was incredible!!!!
above & below: what it looks like 95% of the time when i try to take photos of pretty places. 
new yorkers. who don't give a daaaaaang, and continue to deliver mail (above)/smoke (below) in said photographic locales. (but let's be honest, i do the same thing.)
by chance we totally walked by sezane- i saw this beauty on instagram the day before and can't believe we just walked right on by (when you think of how many streets there are... it's pretty uncanny). 

sezane was beautiful! we basically got kicked out for being ridiculously loud and giggly;) 
one last stop for a treat at by chloe- our fave. also because it, too, is perfectly pink!

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