a visit to utah!

we went to utah for 10 days to spend time with family - it's been 2 years since mike was in utah... so it was time (our last visit to utah here, & this was also when mike & i snuck away to vegas! [ohhhhhhh that trip was so fun.])

i should probably add that since my last post, sleep training did a massive backslide. we're right back where we started and i have no idea how or why. last night there was a lot of crying. not a lot of sleeping. some jet lag. about a dozen night-feeds. *sigh* while we were in utah my parents gave us their massive, incredibly-pillow-topped, king-size bed, and since harvey refused to sleep in the pack-n-play provided by our parental-hotel, he joined us in bed with a little room to spare. reminder: we own a murphy bed with a $100 amazon mattress, so this was a major vacation in and of itself. we "slept" for the most part, but there were 7-8 feeds each night. the good part is we didn't have to walk him back & forth to his crib/listen to him scream each time we set him down. all that aside, harvey was a champ during the days. he didn't do the stranger-danger thing, even though he met a ton of new family & friends, and was passed around like a chubby hot potato. he napped in the car, and handled the car seat moderately-well considering he's never really been in one, other than uber-ing in miami this summer.
other items of noteworthiness: harvey started to crawl while we were at my parents. and in the same spot in my parents' house where elle began to crawl!! kind of special. since getting home (it's been a day), our apartment is a minefield of danger. he's uncoordinated and clunky. he pulls things down, falls on his face, slips, and is a complete mess. i have no idea how to baby-proof this place. and i'm frightened. legos. cords. a rolling desk. 

trip highlights

1. the aforementioned bed.
2. car conversations with mike. this one is HUGE! we identified on this trip just how little we get to TALK to each other, and the car was the best! we had the best chats while the kids napped in the back seat, while we drove to see family, grabbed food... you name it. we could talk. so. good.
3. foooood. EVERY THING we ate tasted just like i remembered- in-n-out, cafe rio... also, my dad's steak, and my mom's roast! can't be beat. 
4. dates! mike & i went on a shopping date, a movie date, and a logan date. three thumbs up.
5. cleaning out our stufffffff! we have some things stored at mike's sisters. we threw most all of it away, except a few big pieces of furniture, scrapbooks, and some boxes we just didn't get to in the time we had allotted. if we haven't missed it until now, we don't need it.
6. jude's birthday party & cousins! (more on this later, but it was sososososo fun to get all the kids together. they're all such great kids!)
7. weather. it was in the 40's and 50's the whole time. dreaaamz, man.
8. photo shoots. i had the chance to photograph some friends & family, and i loved our time shooting together so much!
9. AISLES! WIDE, EMPTY AISLES! target was more heavenly than i remember- our mini targets here ain't got NOTHIN' on the millions of yogurt options at the centerville target, let me tell you.
10. observation: utah is blonde. very blonde. and there are A LOT OF BABIES. it literally was jarring to notice. (speaking of blonde, getting aubrey to do my hair again made my heart skip a beat. i've been to more than a dozen colorists since aubrey, and there is NO ONE LIKE HER!!! she's an absolute magician & the kindest human.)
11. maybe my favorite highlight of them all, but i'm too lazy to re-order this... LAUNDRY!!! LAAAUUUNNDDRY! i did a dozen loads because i could. came home with all clean clothes. it was the greatest!!!!! mom & dad, i love you. and your washer & dryer.

aside from the normal stresses, a night filled with puke (followed by 3 days of amanda-anxiety that more would ruin the end of our vacation), and overall toughness of feeling pulled in two directions (that land of brown-ness and mountains which my kids adore, with the people they love vs. a city of cramped quarters, angry people, and nonstop chaos that we also adore), it was amazing. the kids were incredible on the flights, and it was a fantastic 10-days away. 

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