our first yankees game!

 our family time during mike's paternity has been incredible, and this particular day was one i think i'll remember as the highlight of our summer in nyc. both kids declared it the best day of their lives (always a treat). (harvey agreed, i'm sure.)

going to a yankees game has been on my nyc bucket list for ages- i checked the schedule a few days before and realized they had an afternoon game against the indians- perfect for my ohio roots! we bought $10 cheap seats, and somehow all the stars aligned for a perfect day.
the game was a double header (the game the night before was cancelled due to weather)- we seriously considered staying, but things were going SO well that we decided to quit while we were ahead. we lasted so much longer than i anticipated- the kids sat in their seats and we all ate for 3 solid hours. it was amazing. the seats were in the shade so it stayed cool and breezy (it was 78!!!!). other than being SO LOUD under the speaker, every element was entirely ideal.
including this picture. 
which is probably going to go down as my favorite picture of mike & harvey, ever...
and great news! we all have yankees hats now.

 C'MOONNNNN! look at this kid!
before we found our seats, the kids got some post-subway wiggles out in the kids' zone.
all jude wanted was cotton candy.

all i wanted was ice cream.

we all won. (for the record, the soft serve was AWESOME!)

we ate a whole bunch of other remarkably healthy fare as well- a burger, hot dog, chicken fingers, and fries. and a massive diet pepsi of course. we cheered. and sang. and danced. harvey ate and slept and coo'd. he's a dreamboat, but that's a given.

we left just before the 9th inning to beat rush hour. both kids dozed off just as we approached our subway stop. we spent the rest of the day constantly commenting how much fun we had, and trying to figure out how we can make this perfect of a day happen again...

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