first day of 2nd grade & pre-k!!

the decision to send jude to pre-k this year was one i made with my eyes closed. hoping the day wouldn't come. maybe if i ignored it, it wouldn't happen. mike knew it needed to happen. i mean, i guess i did, too? the stars had to align just right for him to get in to elle's school- spots are insanely hard to come by, and i thought our chances were zilch. if he got in, he had to go.

he got in.

he had to go.

it's time, and i know it, but man, that night before school started, i started to sob as i laid in bed. i wasn't ready. the kid hates church, play dates, friends houses... you name it. he struggles to leave my side, and he's FULL THROTTLE when he feels strongly about something. it's emotionally draining for me, and to be honest, i am dreading this new transition in so many ways. the good news is day 1 was a huge success. i'm praying it continues and he has a positive experience going to school. he needs the help, the reinforcement, the discipline from someone other than mike or myself. it's time. i just wish he wasn't gone all day loooonng.

i'm not speaking much about elle because, well, elle was SO EXCITED to go! she hardly slept. she spoke nonstop. girlfriend was stoked for 2nd grade!!!
i know this might come as a shock, but the kids dressed themselves! also, we didn't really school shop, so elle ended up begging jude to wear his new tiger shirt. she wore her "unicorn fart shoes" (she named them. clever). jude shortened them to just her "fart shoes."

i relinquished clothing rights long ago. i try to steer, but they seldom listen. it's so entertaining to watch them dress themselves and express their little creative minds!
elle was SO HAPPY to be reunited with 2 of her best friends after a long summer apart (most go to camp or their other homes upstate for the summer).
elle headed in first. 

jude sobbed. "ELLE! I MISS YOU!!!" love or hate between these two man. and nothing in between;)
jude's first day was only 90 minutes and we stayed with him, but he rocked that first day.

my favorite thing about his class may be that he has an olaf and a kitty!! 
best. names. ever.

fingers crossed the eagerness continues!

oh, how i love these two big kids of mine! summer was a total dream- both because it was a surreal blur, and because it was sincerely incredible. probably the best 2 months ever. they're my little adventure buddies, the greatest helpers and big siblings, and i miss them already!!

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