a chilly "summer" day in dumbo...

 i had some work to do on saturday, and all on his VERY OWN, mike suggested we head to brooklyn! i said no, he suggested pizza, i said yes. i'm easily persuaded. mid-walking-around he laughed to himself and said, "you're pretty easy to please- i mean, you're a lot of work, but basically if you're out of the house and fed, you're happy." hmm. true statement, man. true statement.

it was labor day weekend.

i'm 99.9% sure EVERY TOURIST WAS IN DUMBO WHEN WE WERE. i've never seen that place so packed. every new yorker left- i saw them all vacate the city early saturday morning. every tourist flocked in. so. many. peeeeeople. we managed to get pizza to-go at grimaldi's with only a 20-minute wait- the lines there and at juliana's were hourrrrs long by the time we left around 3:00. crazy.

so, we ate pizza al fresco. 
and rode jane's carousel, as one does. 
we also did a little rock throwing at the beach...
there was also some break dancing? no one knows how. they make it up as they go. clearly.

i forgot to mention that it was sixty-five degrees and cloudy! WHAT?! i have no idea where fall came from- we literally woke up the day before to CHILLY AIR- it was ninety the days prior.
 harvey broke the zipper on his little outfit. mike kept fixing it. note: it's not an outfit that works sans-zipper.
 we hit the playground, walked along the pier, and ate ice cream before we headed back across the water. we people-watched, including this little photo shoot that was taking place, music and all. it made me feel allll the nyc feels. such a crazy, cool, happening city.

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