our first official beach day: miami, part 2

harvey slept until FOUR IN THE MORNING our first night (note: his bed was a blanket on the floor)! can you believe that?! he's a DREAM!!! unfortunately, elle and jude woke up like 20 times... the irony of parenthood. 
thankfully, we went on the patio at 6am to find the view (a couple pictures up)- smooth, teal seas and the prettiest morning light.
i've been wanting to ocean-paddle board for ages, and mike convinced me it was time. 
let's just say i'm not the epitome of grace and balance. and i have no core muscles to stabilize myself... but it was fun! and i got to stare at all the pretty schools of fish swimming around below without feeling them touch me. whoop!
mike had a go at it. he was equally as graceful.
jude refused to go to the kids club day 1, so we told him to take a nap. check! we had some pool play time with the boys when they all (yes, all) woke up.
there weren't many restaurants near our hotel, and all our kids begged for each day was mcdonalds. i'm NOT a fan, but let's be honest here, mcflurries (snack size!? $1!? they do NOT have those near us in nyc i'm sure of it), egg mcmuffins, and fruit and yogurt parfaits are totally edible! plus, it was a break from the food we bought at cvs. #finedining

big brother is mike & my favorite summer tradition, so that's how day 2 ended. big brother, and a killer view. and a diet coke in bed. and maybe a leftover mcflurry.

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