the whitney museum & magnum pop-up!!

last week was filled with summer playdates & friends. although we planned to hit some parks on thursday, the heeeeat and humidity was KILLER (100+ with the heat index). we opted to head inside for the best air conditioning in manhattan (aside from the apple store)- THE MUSEUM! in particular, the whitney!
elle & i both loved this piece- and she said she learned about georgia o'keeffe in school, which made me so happy. plus, she matched the art! and these arms are all her doing as she walked around. jude has been a TERROR lately (er, since turning 4), so i more than appreciated her calm, helpful, and non-destructive demeanor at the whitney...
this exhibit was called "to organize delirium," and i felt sort of terrible because the kids thought it was a LEGIT playground. between us 4 moms, there were 10.5 kids. that's a lot in a museum...

sand. books. foam. hay. water. 
kid's minds = playground.
the whitney is directly across the street from where the museum of ice cream was last summer, which, might i add as a reminder, will go down as one of my all time favorite memories ever (see!!). to top off the day, we concluded with the magnum pop-up; we went to magnum last year (in a different location), and this time was even better than i remember!!! i made my kids share with me because i'm a total jerk (read: cheap). we ordered vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate with sherbet-colored chocolate shavings, cookie crumbles, and gold dust, drizzled with white chocolate. HULLO!

 i was SHOCKED we practically had the place to ourselves. 

we took over.
look at boden and blue's faces in the background of this next one! ba-hahaha
get it, jude...........
we're constantly sweaty, sticky, and filled with sugar. so basically, summer is upon us. i'm soaking in every minute of harvey being a dreamboat and snoozing the days away in his stroller. grateful for his peaceful little disposition to balance out all the crazy, and for another season in this awesome city.

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