the rockaways, summer 2017, visit #1!

we went to the rockaways a few times last summer (one of my favorite visits here), and this summer FERRY SERVICE started from wall street to the rockaways for $2.75, which is amaaazing. i mean, it's not any faster than taking the subway, but it breaks up the trip (about 2 hours each way if i'm being honest- it always maps as less, but it's not). just to reiterate- you can get from midtown manhattan to an awesome beach within a couple hours of manhattan for less than $3!!! the rockaways were destroyed by hurricane sandy, so the beaches are brand new! the sand is good, and the crowds are usually low- this was the busiest part i've seen, i'm assuming because of its proximity to the ferry? still, totally do-able. and highly recommended by those of us needing a little escape;)

mike is out of town all this week on business (šŸ˜«) so i asked the kids to make a list of things they wanted to do- the beach was at the very top. we decided to just jump in the deep end, and planned to go with a few friends early monday morning! i'm no expert, but i have concluded the secret to being on-time-ish is to pretend your arrival time is 30 minutes before your actual arrival time. we needed to leave the house by 8:45, so i told myself 8:15. we made it to the subway, downtown during rush hour with a lot of kids, strollers, and beach garb, and then to the ferry in time for it's departure! the kids loved the ride (although per the usual, we were out of snacks before we should have even cracked into them). we made the walk across the channel, onto a new-to-us part of the beach, and set up shop! my prepared friends had beach tents and actual beach toys (where was i on that one). harvey slept in the stroller as the wind blew around him. elle and jude are still scared enough of the water and sea life that i can sit on the sand and not have massive anxiety.

highlight: we spotted dolphins!

most terrifying moment: *sharp whistle blows* i turned to see all the lifeguards sprinting from their perches and bolting for the water- i turned from where i was standing with harvey on the water's edge and it was like someone pushed "pause" on life- the entire beach of people was frozen, staring as it unfolded. the 6+ lifeguards made it to 2 little kids trapped in a rip tide in astounding time and saved them. it was crazy.  

here are some pictures from our day...
note: ^^ the view from the pier at the rockaways over to manhattan!

also, this was clearly harvey's first visit to the beach. he mostly slept, ate, and squinted.
a massive hermit crab washed ashore!
as we walked from the ferry to the subway on our way home, i couldn't get over the view. everywhere you look in this city there is something to stop and take in- sometimes it's shocking, hilarious, new, or just humbling. 

we are SO excited summer is upon us! bring ooooooon the adventures!

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