elle's last day of 1st grade... & a haircut!

 elle had her last day of 1st grade on june 28th- weeeeeeks after most non-nyc kids were out of school. although it was painful to have her in school well into the summer, selfishly i was really happy since it gave me a month to adjust to having harvey at home (3 kids.......... woah, man). in all honesty, i have NO IDEA where june went (it's july!?!?!!?!??!?!). fastest, most sleep-less month of my life. elle had a half-day that wednesday, and mike took the afternoon off work so we could celebrate her (and harvey's 1-month birthday that same day)! here are some pictures from our afternoon- probably one of the best in a long time. we all fell asleep for a bit (minus elle who was enthralled in youtube), then we headed outside. the weather was perfect- 78 and sunny with zero humidity (!!!). mike and i sat in the shade at the park with harvey, while elle & jude played...
we finished off the afternoon with a super yummy celebratory dinner. 

my favorite thing to do in the world is drive alone with the windows down and radio up on a perfect-weather day.

my second favorite thing to do in the world is dine al fresco on a perfect-weather day.

thank goodness i can still do the second! although we rarely do... i love it when the stars align and we get an awesome meal together outside. (harvey slept through most of it.)
now to backtrack slightly... elle has been asking for short hair since the chandelier music video came out- she also wanted pink hair and bangs at the time- i compromised on the bangs, but we've managed to hold off another couple years on the cut. mike & i were both hesitant, but it was 2 days before summer break, and i was sick of sunscreen-y, tangled hair, so she won. while the boys napped, we cut it off! the one requirement i had was that if it was cut, it needed to be donated (might as well put it to good use!)- i have donated mine a few times and always appreciated that it was going to a good cause... in case i hated the after;) 

a few shots of before & after...

and for the record, she loves it!
and lastly just a few before we left for her last day of school (see her first day of school here!).

here's to second grade!!

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