12th anniversary weekend!

 mike took the friday of our anniversary off- which was awesome! last year we went jet skiing to celebrate, so i was moderately depressed longing for that experience again. thankfully, we woke up and he was all for a day in dumbo- usually mike is a "we live in this great neighborhood for a reason" kind of guy, not to mention the pop-up pool is OPEN AGAIN (it was supposed to close last year!!!), AND i figure swimming is totally out of the picture this summer unless he's with me (3 kids. none of which can swim. send help.)... soooooooooo... i was stoked he was not only agreeable, but acted excited? what is this, a holiday!?! plus plus the weather was awesome.

off we headed! brooklyn here we come!
 if you come to nyc and don't go to dumbo, you're completely missing out. the views of manhattan are some of the very best. if i could live in dumbo, i would. but i can't. plus, i'm really not ready to leave manhattan... but the point is, the views can't be beat. allllll that waaaatterrrfrooonnt!!!!! and they have grills!?!? and ample hills ice cream! and parks! and splash pads! there's so much good.

plus a beach.

at least at the pool;) 
and this! anish kapoor's "decension" was so mesmerizing. nyc and it's art installations can't be beat.   
the splash pad looked like disneyland- i'm sure over-capacity. we didn't stay long. we ate ice cream instead, then we headed back to front street to grab pizza at grimaldi's (the line at juliana's was tooooo looooong). mike picked up the pizza, and as the kids followed him along the pier to find some shade i had yet another "pinch me" moment- 12 years married. sure, this wasn't romantic- we hardly had a normal conversation! there was bickering and yelling at kids and breastfeeding a dozen times as i walked, and swam, and chased other kids, but when i took the picture above i had a moment of immense gratitude for those 4 humans. i was processing mentally the teamwork required in marriage. i saw all the people looking at mike push a stroller with 1 hand, carry a pizza with the other, and talk to the kids about the police chopper flying loudly overhead, and realized we looked mostly crazy. but wow, how happy i was to be a part of this crazy train.
after ALL FIVE OF US fell asleep (win!), we woke up 10 minutes before we were supposed to be at dinner (lose!). that was a whiney, sweaty, and stressful jog to the restaurant. 

we had a hard time finding a sitter for the night, so we made our hibachi reservations for 4...

mike air drummed while we waited to catch food in our mouths.
 saturday, we headed to washington square park, grabbing donuts at the doughnut project, as well as cake from amy's bread on our way (holy carbs at 9am, man). i should add that i've since cut out dairy in an effort to hopefully help harvey sleep better (although i'm not convinced he has an intolerance). also, jude's been on a sugar break for 2 weeks now because we're bribing him, and he's yet to even complain. it's insane.
and lastly, a closing shot from washington square park:

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