booze(less) cruise on the hudson!!

some of my favorite memories here in the city have been with girlfriends- it's such an easy city to explore, and so perfect to get away with friends since no sitter is needed! plus, most everything we do are things that mike could care less about (and it's cheaper solo)... soooooo... win-win-win! before most everyone takes off for summer vacations, we decided to celebrate meg's birthday early by going on a booze cruise!!!

i feel like i had decently low expectations going into the night (kind of like mari's party bus birthday last fall, which was INCREDIBLE), and this turned out to be so much fun! this was the second of 3 late nights in a row- i'm still recovering from the lack of sleep. harvey stayed home with mike & the other kids, and i adjusted to 2-week-post-birth-partying, which mostly meant i just had crazy sore boobs for the duration of the night(s). but toooootally worth it. *note: the sleeplessness is legit. harvey literally didn't sleep for all 3 of those nights, so i've been an absolute zombie mess since then.*
 it was cool, incredibly foggy, and the water was choppy. half of us worried about puking on the rocky water, but thankfully, we all survived. also, it wasn't until a few minutes in that we realized we were ALL blondes. blondes in nyc aren't super common- i mean, not like they are on the west coast. we were a sober sight to see! also, speaking of hair- whipping- the wind was UNREEEEAAALL!! so windy. so windy!
we looped up and down the hudson, taking in the sights as the city lights turned on, and the skyscrapers disappeared into the fog. pretty lady liberty started to glow. we rode under the bridges, and i swear i got goosebumps every time we passed.
 we talked and laughed and then the red lights came on, the music turned up, everyone (else) got a little extra tipsy, and we went crazy on the dance floor. jenn & mari + dancing were my favorite part of the night...
(the freedom tower hidden in the fog! ↑)

there's nothing quite like new york city, let alone from the water (flashback to jet skiing on the hudson w/ mike last 4th of july weekend!!!). if you're in the city, i couldn't recommend this enough. 

nyc, as always, you have stolen my heart!

(and a little video of the snaps from the night...)

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