spring break, part 1: roosevelt island, the east side, & sheep meadow!

seriously, like divine intervention, spring break week arrived along with a forecast of days in the 70's and 80's. it was like a drrreeeeeeeeeam!!! my parents were scheduled to come, but had to cancel at the last minute, leaving us wide open to go whither the wind blew us. 

last monday, we met up with friends early to take the roosevelt island tram. this meet-up included an almost-3-mile walk to the tram, which nearly killed me. reminder: i'm not doin' so hot, so this spring break week has pushed me past most every physical limit i have;) each day i figure we logged a solid 8 to 9 miles. for a girl who has spent the last 7+ months trying to move as little as possible, that was a lot.
does anyone remember "dark water?" i kept googling the movie that showed this tram- it was dark and creepy, and i remember after we moved here having a moment when i realized that tram/place was REAL! my expectations of the island were looowwww (especially after our traumatic experience that was governor's island last year). thankfully, we had a lovely time:) 
the kids LOVED the ride! i loved that it was sunny and 68...
once we exited the tram, there was this little strip of grass that the kids ran to like moths to a flame... they were so excited!
they picked flowers, threw sticks, chased each other, played house- anything and everything their little minds could come up with...
becca perfectly matched the pretty spring blossoms! (and thanks to becca for a couple of these group shot pictures!)
after our little island escape we decided to get lunch at dylan's candy bar... but they weren't open yet. SAD! so we let the kids pick out a treat, and us mom's got the BEST acai bowls next door (juice island. big hit)!!!!
we walked to central park for a meet up with friends on sheep meadow. the grass is open!!! and it was GORGEOUS WEATHER STILL!!!

bikinis and picnics and cats and pot-smokers! new yorkers and tourists are OUT!

*for the record, smoking isn't allowed in nyc parks, but there are always the random pot smokers for some reason.
finally, a pizza pit stop because we were all running on fumes, and it was nearly dinnertime (our 8th straight hour in the sun). we were/are a CRAZY bunch of people, but there is SO much joy!

if only there weren't 10 more weeks until summer break...

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