toilet paper paradise: the "musea-bit"

the morning of jude's birthday (president's day!), we headed out early to see the toilet paper paradise exhibit at the cadillac house. jude kept getting confused between "museum" and "exhibit," so it turned into the "toilet paper musea-bit," which i thought was a fantastic name anyway. we had the musea-bit to ourselves since it was, like, 8:15am, which was probably better anyway since my kids ran wild and confused throughout the place. 

spaghetti walls in a cadillac showroom that also features a coffee shop... so random, right?

also featured in the last pic- mike's hangry face after the nightmare of holiday train service (this should have been an EASY 20 minute hop on the 1, but no. never would that be our luck on a weekend/holiday). next stop: food.

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