disney world 2017, part 2!

 we started our second day with breakfast at the polynesian- joined by lilo, stitch, mickey, & pluto! the food is served family style which is kind of fun, and the kids do a little parade around with the characters and maracas- it's such an efficient use of time:) we did this a couple years ago (here) and it was a hit. i also should add that these character meals are (in my opinion) the best use of the table service meal credits included with the dining plan- meals are "free," the only caveat is you have to pay for the tips out of pocket, so technically meals aren't free (opposed to quick service when you don't leave a tip- they're entirely free). character meals are normally pricey (it is around $250 for the 6 of us each time, hence why the tips can add up quickly); but again- WAY better deal than paying out of pocket for the experience:)

check out the anticipation........... 
 we made a run to target (target!) for a few things we forgot, then headed to check out the new shops at disney springs! we also snuck in cotton candy because we decided to try and give our kids deliberate cavities this trip;)

disney springs has changed SO MUCH in the last decade. (or two.) i was filled with dread the last few visits as we dealt with the hassle of the construction and expansion, and although it's ALWAYS busy now, i will say they added a huge shopping section which is fantabulous:) 

oh, and the kids played archeologists back at the hotel while we hid inside from the pouring rain and cold temps...
 monday morning was our first park day! magic kingdom- let's do this!
 lines were decent- we waited maybe 30 minutes for each ride... so not awful? but the haunted mansion was closed at the last minute. so that was sad. we stayed the whoooooolllle day (9 to 8), and my body was annnngry with me. but we had fun. we had lunch at the crystal palace- another character meal! this time, with pooh & friends. the food was awwwwesome. disney mac & cheese is fantabulous.

dancing while we waited...
 jude's face after he hugged eyore- "his belly is so fluffy and soft! big like mommy but softer!" 

also, mike wants me to reiterate that he did not approve of the shade of tigger. "WHY IS HE SO BRIGHT!?"
more laaaater!

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