disney world 2017, part 1!

we have officially been to disney world 5 times in the past 5 years- it has become a tradition for us to meet my parents in orlando, and spend a week or so together playing and eating. (a lot of eating.) we treat each trip like it'll be the last, but the fact that it keeps making itself happen is such a blessing and a joy. it's been so fun to see the kids memories hold over from year to year- the same van, the same hotels, the same rides and treats and routes. 

as usual, i have a ton of pictures. this year i was also super diligent about taking video, so we'll see what comes of that in the coming weeks as well. i catch myself wondering why i try and capture so much- it feels overwhelming sometimes to download and organize and blog, but i realize just how much i love scrolling through these posts. looking back and seeing the kids in the same places. the same smiles. the same expressions. their growing bodies (and this time, my growing body because GOOD GRACIOUS 22 weeks feels a lot bigger this time around)- it's crazy to think if we do this disney world thing again, we'll have a third little petersen kid joining the ranks...
our first morning we had breakfast at my parents' favorite spot in the grand floridian. we knew the weather was going to be iffy- it was 80 the day before we arrived, but was forecasted to hover in the 50's and 60's for most of our days (meaning mornings/evenings were in the low 40's). thankfully we were only rained out on sunday, so we had lots of sunshine the rest of the time! this day (saturday) was cool, but totally tolerable. and it looks warmer than it was so at least it's pretty;) 

we stayed at the port orleans riverside- we were there a couple of years ago (here! babies!), and it was even better than i remember. the moderate resort rooms feel twice as big as the value rooms (like the pop century- our usual spot seen here); with the dining plan, you also get to enjoy table service + quick service meals included!! plus, the riverside is soooooo pretty and quiet. like, totally geriatric instead of cheerleader camp. that was a welcome respite:) we slept with no sirens or horns or yelling out our windows- and even heard BIRDS SINGING in the morning!! eep!
magic bands are everything- room keys, park tickets, and how you pay for LITERALLY anything and everything on disney property. so nice. note: jude enjoying door-opening privledges. 
 more of the grand floridian...
 sand angels!!

this visit we only planned on doing parks two of our days. mike and i also decided at the last minute to change flights and extend one more day- it was totally worth it. the first few days were peaceful and relaxing; honestly, i've said it before but the BEST part about disney world is the property itself, not the theme parks. there is SO MUCH to see, do, and experience. it's a total waste to go and spend all your time just at parks (or to stay off disney property). trust me. this is where it's at...
more soon!

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