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ahhh! we've all been dying to find out if baby #3 is a girl or boy- the girls thought girl, and the boys thought boy. i decided against the blood test early on to save money- but that was before i found out there was some "mix up" and i was tested for LITERALLY EVERYTHING BUT the gender- including a full STD panel. super helpful. (great news: i'm clean.) we paid $3800 for those unnecessary tests, so really, another $250 seems like a steal! we could have known in october! alas, bitterness aside, at 20 weeks and 4ish days, and after a failed attempt at looking just before christmas (uncooperative baby)... WE FOUND OUT!

my anatomy scan went well- although i do have to go back just to confirm a few things, which sounds terrifying, but they "assured" me it was just to get better pictures of this- ironically once again- uncooperative baby! :) 
(baby moves CONSTANTLY- i remember feeling these butterfly flutters early on with elle and jude, but this one i felt nothing until BAM! LEGS!)

mike rushed to work for some meetings after the ultrasound, and i picked up elle from school. a little while later, mike came home early so we could tell the kids before i headed out for a dashboard concert (see overwhelming enthusiasm here)! busy day.  

we bought cupcakes from magnolia bakery earlier in the morning- one pink and one blue. i bought these tiny plastic, incredibly creepy dolls the day before, cut a slit in the wrapper, and awkwardly rammed them up into said cupcake hole.

here's a little video and some photos from the big reveal...
 the kids' reactions melted our hearts. we knew jude would be excited, but i was worried about elle. just before they found out she said to jude, "now remember, only 1 of us will be right, and whatever the baby is, it's going to be perfect! so try not to be disappointed!" such a sweetheart. after she found out i pulled her aside and asked how she felt- "well, at least this way i'll be the only princess!!" 

now that the dust is settled, everyone is SO excited to meet this last little man member of our family.

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