the rockettes & the christmas spectacular!!!

 we literally woke up saturday morning- the weekend before christmas- to a winter wonderland!!! straight magic. i've always wondered what the city looks like with a fresh blanket of white snow, and it was everything i could have imagined! 

elle & i had 9:00 tickets to see the rockettes in the christmas spectacular at radio city music hall, so our little trip to midtown was basically us in a snow globe. thank heavens we chose winter boots over cute shoes- by the time we were finished the streets and intersections were 12" deep in pure muck. 
 our seats were in the last row. the very last row. it actually worked out great- no one behind us so we could chat and snack, and elle could stand up whenever she wanted! 

we LOVED the show- it was so much more than i imagined. it was super entertaining, and kept up at a great pace (i have the attention span of a toddler). i loved the variety, and those ROCKETTES! man oh man. high kick dreeams.
 at the end of the show they had a nativity scene- they read the christmas story and played some of my favorite songs about christ. i was so caught off guard by the fact that there was so much of jesus' birth and the beauty of the season that i started sobbing. it was beautiful! it's so rare to see christ in christmas in such a profound way. and it was WELL done. 

plus there was a camel! and a donkey! i'm so impressed.
we headed home and listened to subway musicians serenade us in christmas tunes as we rode. elle gave them the coins in our pockets and they said such sweet words about her and this lovely season.

magic is in the air! christmastime can't be beat.

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