merry christmas from the petersens! (2016)

i have been slllooooooow at my christmas card game this year. we had family pictures scheduled, but then my grandpa passed away and the timing just wasn't lining up to reschedule. i had been so sick, the last thing i wanted was to get my picture taken, and it seemed like i was spending my well-time taking pictures of others instead! it was thanksgiving and i told mike we had to at least throw something together so we could send out a little card (& pending-baby announcement); it seems silly in so many ways since i feel like i post constantly online, but it's tradition! IT IS TRADITION!
my thanks to tiny prints again this year for coming through and saving me- they have so many options that basically anything can come together out of nothing (them: anything, me: nothing)! and even after you pick a design you can customize the paper, shape, corners... you name it. my favorite part this year is i took advantage of my laziness and ordered pre-addressed cards along with stamps... 😬 
winning idea if you ask me. 

since we didn't have "official" family photos, we went with our usual collage... always a petersen collage to rely on during the holidays;)
these puppies arrived late last night (our mail comes at 8pm- no joke. poor mailmen!), and by school drop-off this morning they were in the mail! 
these are the cards we selected, along with these envelopes and these stamps (you can see the whole tiny prints holiday collection here). plus, cards are 40% off, so jump on late bandwagon with me!!
wishing all a very merry christmas from the petersens!!

*and yes, jude has a medicine syringe in his hand. it's his squirt gun. it is required when leaving the house dressed up like ninja batman. obviously.


  1. So adorable... I can't wait to get one! (I'm getting one....right....?! Or this comment might end up really awkward. ;) )
    I did gotprint again this year. They RAISED their prices! Grrr. Never again.

    1. really!??! this makes me so sad! and of course you're getting one;)


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