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between being sick the last couple of months, and having so many great photo shoots with friends and new clients in the city (which i am SO grateful for!!♥) taking up my feeling-ok time, i feel like i have 90% less pictures of mike and the kids than ever before! i just don't bust out a camera unless it's something fun; the truth is we've been so sick/busy that family time hasn't really been photo-worthy. (it feels criminal for me to admit that.) i never jumped on the snapchat bandwagon, but insta stories have been kind of liberating- i realize i've taken a lot less photos and instead have snapped little videos. my phone is surprisingly de-void of images. either way, a little catch up of some highlights the past couple of weeks...
 bryant park has been transformed into a holiday wonderland- the grass has been replaced with an ice rink and multi-story shops and stands for christmas. i stopped with some clients a couple weeks ago during our shoot, and happened upon no chewing allowed- it's this hot cocoa that is fantastically amazing. it's not thick like so many "good" kinds here in the city (others are tooo thiiiiick- not creamy, just thick)- this one is rich, but not too rich. aaaaaand they drop in a truffle at the end!!! i drug mike and the kids back one night to partake in it's goodness. we all shared a little cup. jude and i fought over most of it. mike and elle decided it was too rich for their swiss miss mouths.
 on voting day we stopped by eleanor & samson's "save the bats" hot chocolate stand! it was darling (see all the pics on naomi's blog), and the kids drank (and wore) their fair share of cocoa! after, julie & her darling kids went with us and we stopped by motorino for lunch- they have probably the best pizza on the upper west side.
 i choose anything chocolate any day, any time, but when we stopped by the donut project one afternoon and they didn't really have any chocolate donuts that fit my fancy (apparently i make all food decisions? i'm so controlling!), well, mike chose the lemon........ lemon! well, i had no idea a donut could be so good. it was the BEST donut ever. i need to go again just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, but this donut was incredible. we all shared 1 donut, like usual, and i instantly regretted it (MORE! I NEED MORE!). all 4 of us concluded it was a two-thumbs-up-treat.
 mid-week i went with girlfriends to see the nutcracker! it's a holiday staple right? well, so "they" say- whoever "they" is... i'm trying to be more cultured now that we live in a culturally-stupendous city. i'll admit- it was REALLY good. and apparently we had the best ballerina- she was amazing. the costumes and music blew me away. and our SEEEEATS were incredible (and cheaper than the more expensive ones we had when we went to serenade! mental note- these seats rocked - must choose those again next time).
 mike & i took the kids to cash in my free birthday cupcake from sprinkles (food. always food), then we hit the big stores along 5th avenue: saks, bloomies, BERGDORF!!!! we got distracted by the hoards of people stiiiiiill protesting around trump tower, and walked home after that. it was a long walk. but a lovely one. this city at christmastime is the epitome of magic!
 and another girl party! we went to rosa mexicano to celebrate whit's birthday friday night, and i had a late dinner of guac and chips. i'm working on staying up later than 9pm- i've never ever been a night person (i'm not a morning person either, for the record), but this pregnancy has made me a no-time person. either way, the guac was great. and the company. it's always so fun to get out with friends and party. 
yesterday (sunday) i turned 32. it took me way too long to figure out just how old i was- 32! that's the age. we decided to celebrate on saturday (sunday birthdays- boring!)- bagels for breakfast, a stop to see the oculous (pretty, but disappointing), the sea glass carousel, and dumplings and noodles for dinner!
i came home to sweet presents and love from friends, which totally made my night.

thank goodness we didn't have birthday plans after all- the flu has been running RAMPANT, and although we've tried super hard to avoid playdates and people at all costs.... dun dun dun, we found out friends we just played with came down with it, and i basically braced for impact. saturday night as we were getting ready for bed we heard jude- the sound- and so it began. it was a rough night, but that sweet little boy was such a champ! it literally melted my heart to hear him as he apologized and learned how to warn us so we could get to him in time. miraculously, we all fell asleep by 4am and by the time he woke up at 6 he announced, "hi guys! my cough is gone! and i'm all done throwing up! can i have chocolate milk now?" we cloroxed and laundered everything in sight. now we're praying...... praying we make it unscathed and somehow we can manage the 3-day post-symptom-contagion buffer in solitude. 

happy birthday to meeeee!! :)

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