caroling & birthday dinner with girlfriends!!

last weekend when elle & jude staggered having the flu, i was trapped inside for what felt like an eternity (replay of sickness this week, but thankfully it's been quicker). i'm telling you- fall/winter has never felt so dreadful this early. i get SO depressed when i'm trapped inside with sickness in the air. thank the heavens my sweet friends rescheduled my birthday dinner for this past monday night, and it was about as perfect as it could get! these are some of my very best friends in the city, and we started off the night caroling in columbus circle!!!
there's a little video of all our snaps at the end of this (very haphazardly thrown together, but you get the gist); thanks to darling naomi for getting us halos and sheet music since we knew about 17% of the words on our own;) 

i was so unbelievably touched by how many people stopped and stared. they smiled. they took pictures and videos. they thanked us for doing something that most didn't- sing carols and share the joy of christmas in a way that didn't request anything in return. it was straight up MAGIC. 

and man, we sounded BAD. we kept getting higher and higher and higher, and faster and faster and faster... mice. we sounded like happy little mice. hysterical.
next up was a late-dinner at serendipity! there's nothing like the ambiance in that place (i'm maybe watching the movie right now for good measure;) - can you get over the garland and lights!?

also, we sat right where jonathan & sara sat... (man, that movie! SO GOOD! it helps that we were at bloomingdales this week too for lunch- i mean, c'mon.)
mari & meg were the sweetest to plan the whole night, and of course it was perfect.
^^ sweet hand-painted ornaments from whit!

and how could we not........

frrrrozen hot chocolate! they always take me back to vegas trips with mike. oh, the happy memories!!
it was SUCH a night to remember. only these girls can keep me out until the wee hours of the morning. i'm so grateful for allllll the love and the sweetest birthday celebration during the most magical (albeit germ-filled) season of the year!!

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