the brooklyn bridge & juliana's with girlfriends!

saturday morning, megan, marinaomi & me set out to cross the brooklyn bridge with pizza as our motivation (not that we needed motivation, but juliana's is the best). it was 38 degrees when i left my house, so i opted for the warm vs. cute coat. should've gone with cute. it warmed up faster than i thought, and the weather was beautiful. we walked slow and took a thousand pictures between myself & naomi (clearly). it's been SO long since i've walked that bridge sans-kids (flashback!). cheers for stroller-free walks!!!!!!!!!!(!!!)
we headed home eventually filled with 2 large pizzas, salads, and 2 rounds of hot cocoa (starbucks that naomi greeted us with at the start of the day- lifesaver- and shake shack to close out the afternoon). man, it was so good. 
honestly, it's been a rough few weeeeeks so the day was saving to my soul. all that being said, mid-meal, i got a call from my parents with some really sad news- i'll get to that another time, but for now, it's put into perspective once again to cherish the moments of life- particularly the ones that fill your heart with happiness and remind you to be a better person. the girls and i talked so much about kindness and the magic of this season, and it really just gave me such a sense of peace and motivation to do better- even though my best some days is merely a pathetic level of crap compared to other days, it's the best i can muster. but it's enough.

so thankful for these lovely, beautiful girls, and for this city that never ceases to amaze me.


  1. I hope your parents are doing well, and that you're doing fabulous! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Such pretty ladies in the warm sunshine! :)
    Love you!

  2. Sometimes sad news can change the heart of a person to do better. I know at my age with my mother having a heart attack due to her shock of having breast cancer because she's never been sick in her life freaked her out, and having a 21 year old daughter changing majors all the time, and figuring out which guy is the right one for has been a stressor too. But I leave it in god's hands because I know that I raised her right, and I know that my mom is brave being alone with her caregiver in texas. All these experiences has made me a better human being, wife, and hopefully daughter, and mother. It's tough, but I am strengthened by going to the temple as much as i can, and praying, and remembering that there is only so much I can do from afar. I have three other kids I have to raise who are so different from their older sister, and love them all the same. I hope that things look up for you with whatever the sad news is! Take care Amanda! xo


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