thanksgiving 2016!

first things first, on thanksgiving we made this announcement... but more on that entire topic later;)

thanksgiving eve we went to see the balloon inflation a few blocks away (the line-up process is insane! the police barricade the entire block like disneyland so you loop up and down 79th again and again and again- we still waited 30 minutes just to get into the line- it was fascinating!). 

thanksgiving morning i knew the kids wouldn't be entertained enough to get up early, stake a spot, wait, and then watch the whole parade, so we planned to watch from home. that being said, we woke up early on thanksgiving morning, i started the stuffing, and then we decided to go on a little exploratory walk. the parade is so close, and i read online that you can just go into central park and still get a view of the floats- which is all we wanted! well, HELLO, it was a total success. i stood on a fence. mike took turns with the kids on his shoulders. we watched for a bit, then headed home to watch the rest on tv...
we found this great little perch and had it all to ourselves for a bit while the people on the floats waited for their turn and waved to us. we also stared at the ice skaters on the delta float for a loooong time:) 

on the walk home we passed the end of the floats (SANTA!) & a band;)
while jude napped, mike and i cooked up the food, and then it was meal time! mike made place cards- mine complete with a bonus turkey. 
it was nothing fancy, but it was so low-key and laid back, it was perfect. 

mike took a little nap, then elle and i laid in her bed to talk, and both of us passed out for a ridiculously long time, too. naaappppp.

we went on a little family walk as the sun set, and had the city pretty much to ourselves. it was drizzly and cool. we never got around to making dessert, so we stopped into duane reade for candy bars, and then starbucks for hot cocoa. 

we passed a perfect little tree on our way home, and since it's basically tradition to get a tree on thanksgiving (it has been since my grandpa passed away a few years ago), we couldn't pass it up! the kids even got mini trees from the scraps;)
such a tiny little tree! easy to carry, however.

we have no lights (yet) or decorations, so tiny tim just sat in his new home under our stairwell and we laid around until bed time trying to find a coveted christmas movie on tv to wrap up a perfect thanksgiving day.

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  1. Glad y'all had a nice thanksgiving, and congrats on expecting! That's so exciting for you! Take care, and hope to see you again sometime soon! Happy holidays! xoxo


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