girls night at the new york city ballet!!

 #bucketlistnyc: the ballet!!!!! the ballet is extra cool when you go with former ballerinas, let me tell you. every girls dream is to be a ballernia right??? *sigh.* so beautiful!!

friday night we went to see the new york city ballet perform serenade, american rhapsody, tschaikovsky pas de deux, and western symphony at lincoln square! seriously incredible. (thanks to naomi for tipping us off as to the amazingness of serenade!) i was blown away, and i loved how different each of the performances were!! the change of pace (and that orchestra!!) kept my attention for most of the time- and that's a hard feat. (if i would have had popcorn to snack on, i would have been captivated 100% of the time, but i won't get picky;)

after the ballet, we had a 10:30 reservation at the smith, and i'm proud to say i stayed awake the WHOLE TIME! I KNOW!!! rolled in around 1am. made it in my heels all night. there were a number of big accomplishments in the aforementioned list;)

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