elle's 1st day of 1st grade!

thursday was elle's first day of 1st grade! (side note: today she has a day off school already! 2 days on, 3 days off... nice!) she went back and forth between feeling excited and terrified. thankfully as we rode back up to our apartment that afternoon she announced, "i'm kind of sad to come home. i'd rather stay at school..." which is basically the best thing a parent can hear after that first day. whew! let's hope this good thing continues.

mike came with us before he headed to work, and jude also came equipped with his lunchbox, workbooks, and a whole lot of enthusiasm for his own school day (just some work time at home with me- sorry, bud!). i felt super proud of myself for not crying... but as jude and i walked to meet friends after the drop-off, i reached back for elle and panicked when i didn't see her! that happened 3 times before i burst into tears on the street. i'm just used to my little sidekick! we summered so hard this year that it's strange not to have her tugging at the stroller or chatting my ear off. i miss her so much already, but it's time. the kids were at each others' throats, and i feel happy and relieved she's attending such a great school. she's also in the same class as her bff, ella, which is amazing.
jude insisted on getting in on the picture action.
next year he technically starts pre-k, which in nyc is all day. ALL DAY!!!! still on the fence if i'm ready for this.
 little bff's!
and then it was time! she grabbed ella's hand, waved goodbye, and faded into the chainlink sunrise.

happy school year, elle belle!!

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