summertime in the city, including a fire hydrant sprinkler...

you know that feeling you get when you're on vacation when you're just so happy you never want to leave? 
that's literally how i feel in nyc. mostly every day.
there are certainly bad times, frustrating moments, and i'm trying my best to develop a thicker skin and not get offended when people on the street make weird comments about me or my kids, or when i pretend i know what i'm doing, but i really don't... it's a tough place, but my gosh, it's just incredible here. i can't imagine a better environment right now for my kids to experience life! 

last week for a birthday party, firemen opened a hydrant on a quiet street here on the west side- i mean c'mon! hello, new york city!!!!
look at that group!
these "rainbow stands" (they're called delicioso coco helado as far as i know, but that's too long of a name to use casually;) are close to the top of my favorite things to eat in this city. they're little carts that are all over. they're probably the cheapest treat, too- it's only a dollar or two for a small, and the rainbow flavor is heaven!!!! 
every.single.time. THIS VIEW! i feel like we don't go on our roof often enough- i feel like "often enough" should mean every second of every day. summertime sunsets absolutely cannot be beat. this shot was after a crazy rainstorm one night last week. that sky!!
we get out at least a few days a week and pull all-day-ers where we leave with mike (just before 8) and stay out until dinnertime. we meet up with friends and meander around- we usually get in some sort of body of water, then we eat something, and then we repeat that cycle a few times. my kids are getting tanner and tanner, and our feet are getting stronger and stronger. (elle ran 2 miles with me saturday, then walked back another 2! FOUR MILES just to start the day!)
so back to this particular day- after the pier splash pad, we got a taco, then shared an ice cream cone...
then we tried to "cool off" on the high line, but the water is only 1" deep so there wasn't much cooling;) the kids did make water angels though, and enjoyed a sweet "water slide" thanks to the angled bench... 
on our way home we stopped and played at columbus circle- it was shady and there was a little breeze.
 we've also been enjoying swim and a tennis lesson or two (free lessons! thank you, lottery!). the public pools here are free, but they have super strict rules and kind of weird times... but we'll take it! they're usually right next to a park, so it's kind of a double (triple?) bonus:
swim. splash pad. play. repeat.
 jude may have been made for tennis. at least at age 3. it's the cutest thing ever!
ahhhhhhhh, suummmmertime....

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