rockaway beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(so many exclamation points, i know! i can't help it. gaaahhhhhhhhh!) 

within a week of moving to nyc i realized a move here was basically the same as a move to hawaii- give-er-take. the sand. thereissomuchsandeverywhere!!!!!!!!! parks, splash pads, beaches- all of it.  

but the beach.

i love the beach. i love the beach! 

the rockaways are a 90-minute train ride from home- really, super easy and cheap. way easier than a car, that's for sure. and it's beautiful! queens for the win.
 the crew.
 the water felt incredible! it's been SO HOT (upper 90's), the beach was just what we needed. the waves were just big enough- the kids could swim around and chase waves, but the water stayed shallow enough that it wasn't terrifying. elle even got brave enough, thanks to ben's example, and took off her puddle jumper to frolic around.  
on our way out of town we stopped for tacos! 
 we also stopped at this blue wall surrounded by broken glass and strange men (we sat dow. naturally). our thanks to photographer elle for her assistance. those girls up there are just awesome- i said it on instagram the other day, but i've met some gems here in the city. we fight our way through crowds and crazies from early am to late pm, and sweat our brains out as we trek mile after mile... 

i loooove this place.


  1. You're so pretty! I LOOOVE these pictures! :) :)

  2. i love Rockaway beach! Too bad we don't live close so we can venture out with the kids together!


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