nyc apartment tour!

i'm not super sentimental, but i live for capturing the places we have called home (7 places to-date- 7!?). the experiences within those walls are priceless, and once you've moved on, all you're left with are memories! (i cherish these pictures mandi nelson took just before leaving salt lake, and my kids look back at these pictures from our dc apartment all the time! i have a bunch of these posts from our time building our condo, and there's this one from just before jude was born.) all that being said, i feel like it's so much work to take pictures of your living space. houses are always evolving- it took me a week just to get the pictures in this post, and since then we have a new fridge and toilet (both died). so, see, already out of date:) but it's always worth the work to document life in that moment.
rather than call this our living room with a bed, i prefer to go with "master suite." it happens to be a master with a couch, office, kitchen, dining room, and en suite;) it's all about perspective, people.
 the kids have the bedroom, and it has the greatest window seat (we don't let them sit in it unless we're around). the light is INSANE. it's terrible in the summertime (think greenhouse), and our electric bills have quintupled (literally) in these summer months, but the light is amazing. plus, we have no ceiling lights, so it's the only light we get in the apartment all:)
i know this time in our upper west side apartment won't be forever. mike tells me almost-daily we'll have to leave someday, but if i had it my way, and a few million dollars to spare, i'd buy it in an instant. people tell us it takes years and many moves to find your perfect place in this city, but dare i say i can't imagine a more perfect home. the location is perfect. the roof is the stuff dreams are made of. it's white. the layout and size totally works. it's in a great school district... granted, it costs way more than i wish it did (the only reason we'll leave here is because of cost), it's old and squeaky, and the walls are literally made of toothpaste (everything we hang falls down). but i love it. 
i LOVE it...
 the view from elle's top bunk is amaaaaaazing. girlfriend people-watches before falling asleep...
 the walls are most always covered in art (we did a big purge a couple weeks ago- normally they're covered in schtuff)...
 we only keep what we need, and when it comes down to it, we don't need much. 

the closet (below) on the left is where mike & i keep our clothes, and the one on the right is basically our "hall closet." it has our shoes, coats, bags, etc.
 we keep the extra dining room chairs in the kids room when we don't need them just to save space, along with our double stroller. we store suitcases under the kids' beds, and out-of-season items under our bed. when we start to feel squished, we purge.
 our little home office under the stairs (the stairs! i love the stairs). also, please take note of our only "lamp" hanging by a nail.

another move means another batch of goodies from tiny prints! their address stamps, postage stamps, and thank you cards are always in rotation around these parts. (i also got a notepad because i swear i'm always sending random notes to people about work or kid stuff... you know.)  
elle is obsessed with notepads & stationary. she got an awesome notebook (which she keeps by her bed) and fills it with doodles and letters for others.
i loathe white grout.
i loathe white grout.
i loathe white grout.
 our kitchen is small and dark (it's also a MILLION DEGREES when we turn on our oven), but it has a dishwasher (!!!) and a decent amount of cabinet space! what ends up on the counters changes by the week, but right now it's pretty simple (do you see our picture from our session with liz? we ordered this one, and it tends to rotate around the apartment based on my mood:)
apartment positive & negative time!
positive: we have the greatest water pressure on the planet. i love showering here. 
negative (other than more white grout, also featured in the bathroom): i miss my garbage disposal. and don't get me started on missing my own washer/dryer!!!
 the staircase leads to our part of the roof- don't mind the mess. it's usually overrun with pool toys, headless superheroes, and wet clothes. 
 it rained, then the sun came out! on these scorching summer days we play with squirt guns to try and stay cool. our a/c units struggle to keep up and keep us cool. water helps. i miss central air:(
mike built shelves just after we move in that hold our printer, tools, car seats, and those other random large items that need a home.
it amazes me that we used to want more space- we went from nothing, to a lot, and back to nothing, and somehow we're totally fine. i'm not saying it'll last- i'm sure it won't, but for now, it's a huge blessing and we're so grateful!!

home sweet, sweet home.

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  1. Ditto about the water pressure. It really was something I noticed when we were there. It's the little things.....


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