girls night at top of the rock!!

mike has been out of town this week, and even though i miss him tons (mostly at night, and especially when it's time to do dishes...;), we've stayed so crazy busy that it's literally just been a blur of fun. elle starts school next week! THIS IS IT! SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER!!! SEND HELP!!! 

monday night i got a sitter and met up with some of my favorite girls to check out top of the rock! about a thousand years ago (back when i was a young college kid) i visited the top of the empire state building- it was an evening in january, and i think it was about -10 outside. this time the weather was muuuuch more pleasant;) of course, the view was incredible! i loved seeing mahnattan from that high up, right in midtown. 

we had the great idea to go at sunset, which unfortunately, was the same great idea as about A MILLION other tourists! they would plant themselves on the edge and take thousands of selfies. refusing to move. i hated insta stories and snapchat in that 60-minute span on the roof (i blame social media on the fact that no one would move;) speaking of being in the way... this is one of the only times i reeeeally wanted a selfie stick:) we tried group pics about 15 times, basically crushing people each time, but we had to make sure we got at least a decent picture to commemorate the festivities! right!?! right. 

we eventually paid to get this prime real estate photo op- it was the "official photographer" spot. we had a stranger snap a few shots of us while the "pro" guy (who had us posing super awkwardly) got all set up;) 
i said this on instagram, but i cannot believe i live here! i can see the top of the rock from our rooftop, so just knowing a look in the opposite direction meant my home was nearby gave me goosebumps!

naomi & i doubled up efforts with our big cameras (the pictures are a combo of hers & mine)- just like at the museum of ice cream- 2 cameras is way better than 1!! 
love these girls, this city, and this summer!!!!

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  1. Ugh! I can't get over that view! It's so pretty! As well as the girls. :) :)


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