weekend adventures...

early saturday morning we took the train uptown to a new playground recommended by some friends- it was right on the water, just south of the george washington bridge (that view!!)...
i feel like we've explored our feet out of so much of this city, and still have a million parks and places left to find. this week when i left to go back to dc to work my heart sank as the train pulled away from manhattan- seeing the skyline shrink in the distance pokes at my heart in a rather unpleasant way. in contrast, being in the city and exploring is exhilarating- the fact that we can play and swim and swing and eat our way through spot after spot and never get bored because this city is literally alive is iiiiiincredible.
next, we zipped our way down to a darling little birthday party for our friend nora. it was literally 93 degrees with 80% humidity (so it felt 105), so when i say "zipped" we mostly rolled our way slowly, melting as we went. but we made it!! hooray!! mari, nora's mom, is pretty fantastic a person, mom, and party-planning-extraordinaire;)
(here is a video from the party- isn't it dreamy!?!)

 to travel back in time for one of my new favorite past-times (did you follow?), on friday we went downtown to swim, then met mike at a park before heading to get oreo rice pudding in nolita and pizza in the west village (yes, and in that order). 
backwards meals, and backwards blogging. it's just how i'm rolling these days. 
first stop, rice to riches. totally worth going, just for this stoop:
 elle was not feeling the stoop. it was a rough patch for elle- it happens.

the rice pudding was... good? good. it was good. it was really expensive though? but good. i'm not much of a rice pudding aficionado, but it was tasty!

then we went to dinner, because who doesn't eat dinner after dessert? we have given up finding new pizza places (we've hit at least a dozen- they all sucked), so we just walked to joe's. mike's NOT a fan, whereas elle & i put it at the top of our "manhattan must-do pizza" list. it's also the only one on that list as of now. joe's!
and lastly, a parting shot of what my kids looked like saturday night. it's totally a kid-version of a "wow, they had a rough night!" only in positive terms! that birthday party rocked. and they have the tats to prove it;) 

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