sweedish midsummer in battery park...

a couple weeks ago we met some friends down at battery park for the sweedish midsummer festival. i was vastly unprepared for the amazingness that was to follow. the blonde hair! the flower crowns! the music! the dancing! THE ENTHUSIASM! this is totally a thing.
before meeting mike and friends, the kids & i meandered around to hit some sights- first, trinity church...
then this giant red cube (which when i googled "red cube in nyc," i learned it's actually called "red cube"... smart.
next we stopped at melt shop and the kids shared a sandwichy. clearly, stoked.
we waited for mike by the seaglass carousel- jude screamed because he didn't want to ride (he's terrified of rides), and elle screamed because she did want to go. it was fantastic. (not really.) 

we did ride the carousel once in the fall when family was in town (here), and it was uhhh-mazing.
then it was tiiiime!

enter fairyland...
^^ his face!!!! :) 
^^ lady liberty!

next year we're all wearing dresses (mike's is optional), and bringing food. also, we'll be prepared to dance and have ZERO personal space. it was PACKED.
our sweet friend, jenn, is from sweeden, and she and her girls are the epitome of beautiful little blonde angels! also, she has an elle, so we love them extra a lot;)
in the next life, i'm coming back sweedish.

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