peace, june!

the rest of june = new parks and sunsets...
a white party, which is definitely the most fantastic way to celebrate a birthday...
there was also the philharmonic concert in central park (+ fireworks!), 
and a whole lot of water parties on the roof to cool off...
and then there was this! elle's last day of kindergarten (FINALLY!!!!!!!!)- june 28th. talk about pushing it. she started mid-august. that's almost an entire year of school!! 
i cannot believe how much she has grown since last year (her first day of school here)...
 mike is the best parent of the bunch- he made elle a little poster, & bought her favorite cereals for her last morning. 

every.single.day of school mike made elle a card for her lunch- these are her favorites she's kept over the year...

(it's hard to see, but my favorite is a donut hole looking up at a donut saying, "mommy??"
on the last day of june (our anniversary!), we finally made it to jacob's pickles for dinner (aka: we went when there wasn't a 90 minute wait). it was delightful and glutenous and majorly carbtastic. i ordered biscuits for dinner. just biscuits. with jam and honey. it was a wise choice. we went on a double date with the two smallest, loudest people we know. (elle & jude.)
 photobombed by a 6 year old who literally yelled, "SELFIE!" 
i about died. 
how does she know that?!?! so embarrassing.

finally, a few of my little man on our last days just us two for a while... 
please note that you will also get your first sign of HIS FOREHEAD!!! 

I KNOW!!! 



  1. Mike!!! Did he really draw all of those by himself? That is TALENT! (insert clapping hands) So impressive!

  2. Wow, I'm SO impressed by Mike's card. What a sweet dad! And I think Jude should have a man bun. He has such a cute forehead!

  3. Jude looks like a totally different kid with his forehead showing. Super cute either way. Also Mike, why don't you make all of us who pat ourselves on the back just for getting our kids out the door with their hair combed feel like we're completely failing at this parenting thing. I guess those cards are pretty awesome though.


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