jet skiing around manhattan on 4th of july weekend!!!!!!!

there will never be enough exclamation points for this post.

or selfies.

OH MY GOSH THE PICTURES! the vanity! it's sort of pathetic. 

really though- THIS WAS THE MOST FUN WE HAVE EVER HAD!!! (uppercase, bold, underlined, and italicized "ever.")
we celebrated our 11th anniversary by working the day away, and then taking the kids with us to dinner because jude was recovering from a fever. suuuper romantic! we did have a saturday backup plan though: jet skis. i kept seeing people doing it on instagram, and oh my gosh, not enough people are talking about this. it's literally the best-kept secret of this city!! 

let's start at the beginning.

the morning started off way too early so we took the kids to the park (6am), then jude went down for an early nap. it was the first cool day in months- wind, no humidity... totally ironic since we planned on being on the water, right!? our sitter showed up, and mike & i headed out for our trip to jersey. we did
a lyft vs. uber comparison. spoiler alert: uber won. uber always wins.

off to hoboken!
we made it to the pier!

then we took about a thousand pictures.......
BUT CAN YOU GET OVER THE VIEW!?!? it was insane. no one around. blue skies. breeze. cool air. and nyc in front of our giddy faces!
60-minute tour agenda: head down the hudson, pass the freedom tower, cruise on by the statue of liberty, loop around to the brooklyn bridge, and head back.

as we got our safety briefing we realized it was the weekend of the 4th!!! i mean, i knew it was, i just didn't process that we were getting the view we were getting on the most patriotic weekend of the year! honestly- does it get better?!?! we'll pretend we planned it that way. what a view!! what a city!! they also told us to stay with john, our guide, or we would be shot- snipers don't care for jet skiers getting to close to lady liberty- there are helicopters and police equipped to kill those who get too close for comfort.  

duly noted! 

we boarded the green jet ski. shared it like little lovers. mike drove most of the time. i started out scared out of my witts (i have ZERO adrenaline pumping through my lame body), but seeing a non-english speaking couple next to us who was clearly more terrified than myself made me feel better. (they also wore their normal clothes, brought cell phones, and wore fancy watches? it was odd... super odd...) well, that couple ended up being escorted back to the dock 3 minutes after we left- they literally could not drive/steer/control the jet ski. fail. so then there was me- praying i wasn't going to be the lame duck who slowed down the group...
 the water was SO CHOPPY!

we screamed and screamed and screamed. 

and laughed and laughed and laughed. 

there weren't many other boats- just huge ferries, so we basically had the water to ourselves. the huge wakes slammed into us and drenched us. we swallowed more hudson water than i care to admit- SO GROSS. i figure if we make it through the week without being violently ill, we're golden. (we also didn't see any body parts or floating rats in the hudson, so that's good.) there was a point at the tip of the island when the wind was so strong and the waves so big that i literally was blinded. my sunglasses were useless, and my eyes burned so bad i swore i was never going to see again. i could not stop laughing! mike gagged so hard twice on water i thought for sure he was going to puke everywhere. i can't remember the last time i laughed that hard for that long.
we said a million times that we were having more fun than we've ever had before. it was the coolest date- just us two on that jet ski, trying to keep up to the other skis- they max at 61 mph, and we got to 40, at which point i was sure we were going to die, so that's that.
every time it gets quiet one of us mutters, "man, that was fun." 
"yah. so fun. the best."

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