4th of july picnic!

 after our beach morning at coney island, we met back up with more friends for a 4th of july picnic in central park! 

it was crazy hot, but we found a perfect little shady spot and had the best time eating and chatting. the kids played soccer, made a campfire, and played with sparklers. (and all those kids in red, white and blue---- heart eyes for days!!!)
mike perched himself in the stroller...
meanwhile, elle and eleanor worked really hard on a campfire that "the little kids kept ruining!" ;) 
can you believe how cute those girls are!? thanks to naomi for snapping this darling picture (and a few others in this bunch)- two cameras are way better than one.
the only thing that could have maybe improved the picnic situation was a grill. 
I MISS THE SMELL OF GRILLING IN THE SUMMERTIME! (ironic since the kids made us that fancy campfire, right?! :)

between the jet ski pre-party and the beach and the picnic- our 4th of july was pretty perfect! 

next year, maybe we'll go big-time and see some fireworks? :) 

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