saturday in central park...

i have more random shots from central park on my phone than most anything else- it's just breathtaking, but somehow never looks quite as dreamy in a picture as it does in person. it's for sure the most magical place in all the city- all the madness and noise of the city is lost in this VAST expanse of space. it's big. so big. we come everyday, and still find new paths- new parks, new playgrounds, new castles, new baseball diamonds. 

saturday morning elle went with me on my run, and towards the end we spotted this killer sprinkler- i mean. HULLO. so naturally, we ran through.

also, we saw a turtle literally on the edge of a walking path, laying eggs. people and dogs and craziness everywhere! there she was. dig dig digging. 
 after jude's nap we headed back to the park for waffles & dinges, then we took the long way to the carousel...
note: anytime ice cream is on waffles, it gets a 10 out of default. plus this one had chocolate that hardened (like magic shell), so that's like a 10 plus a gold star. 
elle picked berries and nutella for hers and jude's waffle- anytime nutella is an option, elle is sold. (i'm telling you, every item elle eats is either covered in nutella or catsup... just not together... thankfully.)
then across to the playground, 
and then to the market for watermelon and printer paper (it's always the randomest of needs)...
we went to hampton chutney for dosas... which we got merely because they looked like baseball bats! fascinating!!! i give it a 7.5 for uniqueness.

because no one wants to end on curry, we made one more stop at emack & bolios- the appeal was a 10, but the reality was more-so an average 5.
and then we passed out in a bloated, sugar-induced coma.

weekends mean insanely sore legs, full bellies, and sticky, hot messes. but they're perfect. 

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