sharing a crib, & kid talk...

since family has been staying with us this past month, elle & jude have been sharing our room. i've been a "SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED!" mom since my kids' birth, so sharing for weeks on end has been interesting;) the kids babble in their sleep ALL the time, and since these two nut jobs decided to SHARE jude's crib, all night long i hear, "JUUUUUUUUDE! STOP KICKING MY FAAAAAACE!" 
last night i woke up to elle crying in the middle of the night- jude got mad at her for hogging the crib so he went and sat on her, bouncing up and down on her face!

ANYWAY. i figured it was a good time to share some of my favorite things out off their mouths lately, along with some great post-nap hair and faces, brought to you by jude.
driving home from school (elle is in a chinese immersion program; she calls her teacher "fa laoshi"): 

jude: "does misses-es fa laoshi speak spanish?"
elle: "no, she speaks chinese."
jude: "ooooohhhhhhhh! like ni how!"


laying in bed we heard them talking from outside the bedroom door:

elle: "heavenly father loves everyone so we love everyone. jude! that's why i hold your hand! because i love you!"


context: jude has been SUPER sensitive lately when it comes to others in pain- he can't stand seeing or hearing anyone upset or crying, and if he senses something wrong he absolutely panics. it doesn't matter if it's real, fake, in-person, in a song, on tv, he still freaks.

elle: "i'll be a police lady and i'll protect you from all the bad guys, and you can be a policeman!"
jude: "i don't want to be a policeman!"
elle: "well, you can be anything you want- a fireman, or a teacher..."
jude: "YAH! i want to be a fireman!"
elle: "but jude you have to put out fires- you might get hurt."
jude *in an overwhelmingly deflated tone*: "oh.......... i don't want to be a firefighter."


speaking of fires, jude came running out of the bathroom the other day beaming with pride: "mommy! my weiner is a fire hose! i can put out all the fires!"


the other day my mom & i took the kids to ikea. i bribed them with their own cone if they were good, but the minute we got outside the ice cream started melting FAST. in the car i grabbed what was left of jude's and shoved it in my mouth, not thinking much about it. 5 minutes later jude asked kindly, "ok mommy! can i have my ice cream back?" i replied, "oh, jude! i'm so sorry!!! i ate it..." and before i could explain, he had a level 10, red-alarm, epic catastrophe of a meltdown for the next hour. the next morning when he woke up i asked, "juju, how did you sleep!? did you have good dreams??" his reply: "i had a bad dream! you eat all my ice cream!! ... but then i remember IT HAPPEN! YOU SO MEAN MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!"
jude talks with his hands ;)  ^^
i've said it before, but this kid is SO EXPRESSIVE. he's 100% in whatever he's doing or feeling. he walks loud. he talks loud. his laugh is a DEEP chuckle. it's incredible. he's such a stud;)
also, enjoying the last days of jude (and elle) in a crib. this crib has been with us for so long! 
next up: bunk beds! 
also- could he sleep with any more blankets?

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  1. HAHA! Laughed out loud at these. Your kids are the cutest, and Jude is just getting more and more handsome!!


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