nyc firsts...

 since moving to the city (all together) a few weeks ago, i've managed to collect a random sprinkling of "we live here now!" firsts.

like our first sunset over the brooklyn bridge:
the first morning in our new apartment:
first rides on the hammock and enjoying a picnic on the folding table (mike's only furniture for a month):
first time introducing ourselves as "new move-ins" instead of visitors at church: 
  first box houses in our new house, which is only moderately smaller than our real house;)
(please take note of the dresser, tv/computer, and wall art [the right is elle's, the left is jude's, respectfully]):
 oh, and then there's this! elle's second, first day of kindergarten:
jude's first preschool interview (aka: tour):
jude is certain he's going to that school in the fall.  he's so excited. unfortunately, preschool is out of the picture- we chose not being homeless over paying for preschool.

there was also the first time we "hosted" guests! (note: our apartment isn't really fit for overnight company, but we can play inside for short periods of time;) our first weekend here a coworker and her husband were visiting, so we hung out, played frisbee by city hall, ate pizza & ice cream in brooklyn, walked the bridge, meandered around central park, and enjoyed banana pudding in our apartment.
and now that the city has been 90 degrees three days in a row, it's officially our first summer in the city!!!

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