farewell, terps!

first, some pictures from elle's last day of kindergarten back in dc. we had some really eye-opening experiences at that little school, but overall, we were so pleasantly surprised. she had amazing teachers, and that seemed to have made all the difference to her. i'm delighted how well elle picked up chinese, and we're trying to find a way to keep her learning going now that she's out of the immersion program. elle and her little buddy, phoenix, cried and cried and cried when we joined in to bring treats and say goodbye at the end of her last day...
mike and jude had a literal daily habit of visiting the dollar store. i'm pretty sure it's what jude will miss the most about living there;) i've said it before, but nothing could compare to the awesomeness that was mike as a stay-at-home dad. that 15 months couldn't have been any cooler, and i'm so insanely appreciative of his willingness, ability, and love for that time in our lives.
go, terps!
i'm in the process of transitioning out of my job. it's really bittersweet, but it needs to happen (because apparently we live in nyc now???)- so in the mean time, i'm working remotely and traveling back and forth every other week for the next month-ish. i made my first mini trip last week and it was odd. i stayed directly across the street from our old apartment, and ate dinner at the same subway in our building. few people even know i've moved, so it's a bizzare separate-life situation going on.

but back to the hotel. it was so nice!! it was crazy to be alone in a hotel- i don't think i've ever been alone in a hotel??? it was an insanely long day of travel and work, and i wanted to catch up with a friend, so although i planned on binge-watching tv all night, i hardly did any of that;) i slept like a baby though. a++ marriott on this place.

i took 100 pictures in my hotel room, but i'll spare you the details. i don't know why i overly-photograph rooms. it's the weirdest thing. oh wait, i overly-photograph my entire life, so there's that? that's what mike says anyway. in said hotel, there was also this little jig i made because, well, alone. in a hotel. coooooooool.
i also carried cupcakes back from nyc to a coworker for her b-day. and i didn't eat one!!!!

on the bus ride back to nyc THIS happened...
to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right, now... SLEEP! 
girlfriend made me so angry.
first, the bus was nearly empty. i pretended to be asleep when we stopped in baltimore with my leg on the other seat, just because. (really, i only do such rude things when it's no big deal. no big deal!)
well, she was the last person on the bus so i was THIS CLOSE to being solo in my seat heaven, when she tapped on me and asked to sit there. here? next to me. RIGHT NEXT TO ME. 
i should've known right then to move.
30 minutes later she was OUT. zonked. on me. 
i tried it all. poking, hitting, sneezing, talking, phone ringing, music playing. 
she just shuffled then went back to bed. 
longest 5 hours ever.

the bus stopped and i jetted off to the subway (the rail kind, not the food kind). immediately followed by my bed.  zzzzzzzzz....
and thus concludes the exit from our dc-marylandian home. 
for now at least.

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