family in town!

mike's sister, mel, and brother-in-law, nate, came for visit- first to nyc, then here to dc. they had stellar timing in the sense that they caught us in between both apartments!! the downside is that the weather was terrible. it's 80 now- last week it was, like, 30 and raining ("sky water" as my coworker calls it. it's hilarious when you consider people have panic attacks when they drive in "sky water." HA! hilarious!). oh! mel's luggage got lost when they landed in nyc, AND they had their kids-free trip spoiled by our kids who clung to them like glue while here in dc so i'm fairly certain something tropical would have been more relaxing? hopefully they still had fun though. they were the easiest houseguests ever so they can come anytime they please.

mike tried to kill them with walking their first day here (although not as bad as when his dad, other sister, and niece came to town); 
over the weekend, elle & i joined in the fun:
we saw the changing of the guards at arlington. jude slept, which was awesome and helped maintain the reverence:)
we went to the 9/11 memorial at the pentagon. 

jude made rock angels (he actually laid down and said, "i make snow angels with this little girl!"). 
we got soaking wet as we waited in line at the national archives (no pictures inside was strictly enforced:)
we also stopped by the national gallery of art, which is one of my very favorites...
we walked around some of our favorite spots around chinatown.

also, what...????...
knife??? gun???


and there was a lady buying dried bugs in large quantities. elle tried to speak to her in chinese.
it also wouldn't be dc without a visit to &pizza. the best in all the land! i'm seriously going to miss that place.

they also provide sufficient napkins, as is apparent in the photo above.

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  1. Thanks again for letting us come mooch off of you. We had so much fun.


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